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DLC Excitement!

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First, congratulations Compulsion Games! i just finished playing through the game for the 4th time now and i absolutely adore it, definitely a game i will be replaying for years and years.

Of course this means i am incredibly excited for the upcoming DLC and Sandbox mode!

I was curious whether the DLC would be in a similar format to the main game or would it be entirely new, like will we still play in a survival open world as different characters or will the gameplay be more contained?

Also i'm very excited to get to see more of the announced DLC characters, James and Roger, and Nick Lightbearer, but is there a teeny tiny chance someone can give us a hint for the third playable character? ;)

Thanks and congrats on such a beautiful game!!


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Guest Cornbeef

Yknow what I thought would be awesome? Bobby mode! Always wanted to give those rotten downers the jolly beat down they deserve! No running, jumping, sneaking, skulking or burglaring or I'll smash ya face! ?

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