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Guest raphata

Just finished the game. Here's my feedback

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Guest raphata

Hello, dear developers! I'm stunned of how incredible this game is, after 47 hours playing it, I just finished and decided to write down some feedback for you guys, 'cause it's a lovely day for it :)

I'm most used to FPS and storytelling games, so keep this in mind while you read it, please.


Act 1

- Really good story-depth, Arthur is the most complete character of all three;

- The skill tree makes a lot of sense, but I think Arthur needs some negative skills as the others characters;

- Butcher's quest is amazing, most of the side quests are!

- Sally has Gwen, Ollie has diabetes, Arthur also needs something to make us stop sometimes to give it attention.


Act 2

- Completing few quests allowed me to win too much skill points, so I upgraded most of Sally's skills at the beginning of her gameplay;

- I loved the baby's needs and burden making me turn back sometimes, for real!

- It's weird that the encounter with Arthur to get the cod liver oil happens in Sally's house in act 1 and in another place during the second act. I think it would be great to make it happen, in both acts, in the same place, in the garden district

- I didn't manage to craft every item Sally can, 'cause most the ingredients only were accessible almost at the end of the act

- I was confused after visited the doctor's house, 'cause Sally said she might move with Gwen over there, but nothing happened towards this

- Amazing witches' quest

- At the last mission, while I'm carrying Gwen, I think it was too easy to just fast-travel to the air raid shelter and from there, move to the boat. Not sure what to do about that. Also, I was almost sure the soldier that was tinkering with the boat got the plague and was waiting for me with Gwen, maybe that would be cool!

- In the boat location, there is a door with the same lever as in the shelters. Thought it was going to be useful, but I can't interact with, so why having it there?

- I think the beginning of Sally's story is amazing, the best one, with everybody calling you and asking for drugs or answers in the message-tube thing! But from there to the almost ending of the act, I think it's noticeable that you just "need to hurry up and finishes up so we can start the last act", like, the beginning was more interesting than the ending

- There is one shelter, the darkest one with guys with plague (the one Arthur manages to fix the fences). After activating it, the lights did not turn on.


Act 3

- Completing few quests allowed me to win too much skill points, so I upgraded most of Ollies' skills at the beginning of his gameplay. Also, Ollie needs others unique skills to upgrade to, as the other characters have;

- I would like more situations making me going into places that requires me to use the multi-tool. I was desiring using it in the other acts, so when I got it, with Ollie, I thought it would be more useful than it really was;

- Few side-quests. Also, it needs an "outside of the box quest" as the butcher or the witches ones. Maybe something like giving the colonel's a proper burial?

- Arthur and Sally often interacts with each other during the Acts 1 and 2, but during the 3rd act, we do not have that possibility, only at the beginning, in the first cutscene. I would like to interact a little bit more with the others while playing as Ollie!

- What an ending, gentlemen! Amazing!!

- At the start of the act, in the roof, there is a red crate inside some wood planks, but i did not manage how to access it even with a jimmy bar!

- Loved the diabetes thing! But never managed to craft the syringe that decreases the blood sugar level. Also, I found a blindspot in the trees with the bees to harvest the honey without being stinged. I'm not sure if that was intended.

- After the quest for the shadow dealer, the guy and the girl in front of Lionel's store (his dealers) were trapped forever (the guy was stunned and the girl was on top of the wall prop), also, the red constable that I trashed was in Lionels store, standing normally, but with the status "deceased". I even managed to talk with him, then I couldn't do it again.

- What happened to the SOE guy??

- I think Ollie needs to comment something when he enters the old ladies house to get the cats and sees the crates with the nazi symbols.



-I think it needs a better transition to Arthur again. Maybe the first act must end with the constable giving him the option to get the pill and he keeps staring it. Then fades out. Then the epilogue would make more sense. Loved Ollie's ending. I think Sally's last cutscene should be of her saying "oh, there is land ahead!" or disembarking withGwen.


General things

- I think you guys know this, but the game has some problems with subtitles: during the theatre movies, in the menu, the subtitles are not synced. At the Epilogue, there are not subtitles at all. In some quests, it's bugged to.

- Also, there are bugs in a lot of quests

- I think all districts need to explorable by all characters

- It was really easy to do not catch the plague or infections. So best first aid kits and antiseptic bandages were not useful.

- Loved the thematic of the game, the depth of the story, the colours and sound!

- Joy was useless after accessing Sunshine. I think there should be some barriers that notices if you're on Sunshine or Joy

- Would be cool if you could be addicted to phlash and some other chems if you uses it too much. That would help the player to appreciate more the scenarios and everything

- Loved the brolly weapons heheh

- Make the Parade District having some side quests, please!


I think that's all. Thank you again for this amazing game :)

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Hello Raphata,
Thank you very much for this extensive feedback, we really appreciate it.
You brought up a lot of good points and I've taken note.

Thank you very much for using the forums.
Have a nice day.

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