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Amazing game. Only a very minor suggestion

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I love the game so far. It's very bold with its demeanor but wears it very well.


Aside from the wonderfully immersive gameplay experience I could talk about, the only thing that took away from it was how my character bumped into other characters; Actually, the lack of animation that your character does.


What I'd like to see is something similar to GTA V or Assassin's Creed in that your character will put hands on an npc to sort of push them out of the way.


I think this would combat a dissociative gameplay style that gamers usually have. Jumping, ramming your character into an npc, action button spamming, etc. These habits are something gamers do in video games but would obviously not want to do in real life. Anyways, I think it would aid the immersive experience if you were punished for these minor habits. If your character forcefully pushed an npc when you ram them, it would give cause for the npc to react hostile. There could even be some voice clips that fit an IRL person's response to being shoved. "What is your f$%@#ing problem?"

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