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some bugs I've found

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A few quests seem to be broken for me... the digging location quests (yes, I have a shovel, 2 actually, and I *was* able to dig up the lily bulbs.) Also, I can only seem to have 2 quest markers and they don't leave once I've completed the quest :/

Sometimes the cook who gives out stew in the park will be gone, but his chefs hat remains where it would be if we were there.

I keep getting pocket expansions even though I'm maxed out for pockets. Enhanced rocks ought to be available for use in crafting as well :(

As far as feature requests go, I would like to see some indication on the map where you've tooted already. At first that's what I thought the abandoned house markers were :( Also bed markers could be nice :)

Also a search function would be nice for the forums, especially to reduce the number of duplicate reports. And so maybe I could just check to see if I'm doing the quest wrong. Great game though, very enjoyable despite the bugs :D Cheers!

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