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Game Not Launching

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I tried running the game on the two PCs I had, one is extremely low end:

i5-4200, Intel HD 4000, 4 GB RAM, Win-10

On this PC the game ran with a lot of lag, but it worked.

On my better PC (Due to GPU):

i3-2100, AMD HD 7770, 4 GB RAM, Win 8.1, the game isn't opening all. I click on We Happy Few and it shows for a second that it's running on the Steam Library and then it goes back to normal. No black screen or anything of that sort.


Please help

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Hey @Acetrologer.


Unfortunately, both of your computers are below the minimum specifications for the game, which requires a minimum of 6gb of RAM. I will attempt to give you instructions on how to get the game to run on your Windows 8 machine, but we cannot guarantee that it will run on 4gb of RAM. It will likely run out of memory.


You need the universal C Runtime for Windows to run the game on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Normally it gets installed automatically by Steam and GOG - but may fail if you don't have the proper Windows Updates.


First make sure you have KB2999226 Installed as an update which you can find here:


(Note: Download the X64 package for your operating system - 8.1 - not x86 - We Happy Few is not supported on 32 bit operating systems)



Afterwards install the C Universal Runtime for Windows which you can find here:







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