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Good morning (at least here in sunny SoCal),


I have recently discovered and watched the trailer for this game and I'm incredibly excited! The '60s & '70s are definitely my favorite era and the dystopian setting is a fantastic concept. I do have a couple of questions regarding the game:


Have the platforms for release been decided/released yet?


Is there a release date estimation?


Will there be a beta release?


What can I do to learn more about this game?


Thanks, in advance!

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Hey @Officer_Paiin!


For the platforms, PC for sure. And we are looking into consoles and linux/MAC. We would love to bring it to these platforms but we can only confirm this later down the line :/


As for the release date we don't have one yet, we have a vague idea but we don't want to say anything yet. We want to focus on building the best game we can make and once we have a clearer idea of a release date we will announce it :)


Yes there will be! Along with our Kickstarter which we are currently preparing.


We have a mailing list where we send our latest news and updates about the studio and the project. We also post blog posts in the News section of the website :)


I hope this helps!




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Fantastic! I've subbed to the mailing list and look forward to the upcoming development. I'd love to participate in the kick starter at some point and may end up having to get a PC sooner than expected. Thanks for the courteous and expedient response!

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