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Butchers Apprentice - Unable to talk to him :(

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I'm on a PS4, build v 1.1.69541.

I started the Butchers Apprentice quest, saw both impatient people, and killed the gang who had beaten him up - but for some reason I can't talk to the Apprentice? Is it because I didn't 'scare ' them off, instead killed them? 

Link to recording: 


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Hello Genie3007,

I'm sorry that you are having these issues. This particular issue was first flagged on Steam so you're not alone.
Our team is hard at work putting together a patch that will be addressing a range of performance and game play issues.
I hope that apart for the issues you are having that you are still enjoying our game and that your experience will get better once we resolve some issues.

Have a nice day~


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