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A possible way around to quest bugs.

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So i figured something out last night while stuck on a quest. The side quest arent always showing up on the quest menu. But the exclamation point will show up on your map. So you can always go to the spot and interact with things and do the quest. After you finish the quest, the quest menu will have the quest completed. Also if youre stuck on a quest and cant find the items you need or cant interact with the objects around, open your map and see if there is an exclamation point near where your quest is at. If there is one try doing that quest first, before continuing with the previous one. It has happen to me couple of times now and after doing the second quest i was able to continue my previous quest. Also if a quest has steps or multiple spots to visit, like the car extractor quest, do the extraction following the order given. You wont be able to extract parts unless you follow the order given in the objectives. Anyway hope that helps some of you.

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