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Guest Tn132

I thought Bethesda was bad for buggy games.

Playing on PS4

Already had one save become unplayable and had to start again.

Numerous times Arthur has become “stuck” after climbing over a wall or fence and I have had to go to the main menu and reload.

The Hive Mind quest is currently uncompletable (at least to me) on PS4 as it won’t allow me to get the honey. No prompt appears to gather it.

Currently regretting the money I spent on this game. Triple A price for a game that thus far doesn’t even rank with a lot of indy games.

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Hi Tn132,

I'm sorry that you are having these issues.These are already known issues for your console. Our team is hard at work putting together a patch that will be addressing a range of performance and game play issues.

I hope that apart for the issues you are having that you are still enjoying our game and that your experience will get better once we resolve some issues.




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