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Report Bugs/Glitches P.1 (ACT II - Sally / Normal)

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  • Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866*
  • Mode: ACT II - Sally / Normal
  • Player: Italian (Early Access Native)
  • Gameplay:  Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics

*WARNING: CG will release a We Happy Few hotfix soon, so I hope this topic will help developers to see further notes that have escaped the revisions.


In the Sally act I did not find any bugs that prevented me from completing all the proposed missions, however there were countless situations of graphic glitches more or less serious to solve (maybe they are due to the system of generating worlds). Moreover, compared to Arthur I found more omissions of translation in non-Anglo-Saxon languages, seeing the dialogue still in English. I used the steam screenshots, but some parts did not come to photograph them. Further verification of translated and non-translated texts will follow in the future.


Goodbye to all that / Alterations / What have we buried / Flower Picking / Bring out your dead / The vandals took the handle / wild picnic / mine mine all mine / peachy's final mission / Bad Dreams / Wakey wakey / Don't gry over tinned milk / Keep the home fires burning / Baby Feeder / Home cooking / Baby transport / Ouf, damn spots / connect te dots / Millihelen / Ratholm / Bad chemistry / Gland of hope and glory / The weird sisters / Hope chest / Squaring the circle / Reservations / Ex cathedra / The framers / The salty dog / So dfoul and Faraday / Unsafe house / A sea change


  • Priority: In "Reservations" the window is aesthetically barred, but you can actually cross it. I discovered it only thanks to the interaction of the space bar, but I felt stuck at that moment. The model of the wooden planks must be removed from the open window.
  • Some butterflies in Maidenholm and St. George remain visible in the parks although they have already been harvested.
  • There were a lot of graphical glitches (there are many on YT) about the positions of the NPCs, even when patrolling an area they suddenly disappeared to reappear later at the staging point. Example in Nick House


Maybe it's a problem with the internal files, and it's not that (functionally speaking) prevents you from completing the game, but for those who do not speak fluent English it's quite annoying to have untranslated parts in the final version of the game. It therefore requires greater attention in reporting the lines of text and correcting them, perhaps their own prizes to the help of the community. Here are some recurring examples.  Not everyone speaks English ?

Urgent: the subtitles of the kinematics in which Sally discovers that Gwen has the measles is not displayed.


  • When automatic milk is installed, Gwen becomes completely independent. I can understand, however, that it becomes milk, but I do not understand why it also becomes for the diaper. It is necessary to give the milk manually to make the need for diaper change appear in Gwen, which makes the situation somewhat inconsistent. it would therefore be advisable for Gwen to solve the milk problem only, while for the diaper it may be better if it occurs simply less often than what can happen without automatic milk.
  • What Sally propose the bag even before the servant really sounds very unnatural, but maybe it is you who is very farsighted. Maybe it's time to make this tick needs only after solving the mission of the ingredients for blackberry.
  • I can understand the choices of direction on the variations of events between Arthur and Sally on how they meet, but I would like to know if it is a choice to make sure that in the Arthur Act there is no mention of the girl in their last meeting while in the Sally Act she confesses to Arthur of Gwen and this ignores him: perhaps every act exclusively takes the perception of each character? Did not Arthur really hear Sally telling her about the baby?
  • I noticed a strange map formation at st.George: is it expected to happen or was it just a case? I personally like this double-lane square, but I wanted to know for sure if it was a premeditated setting in the generation of worlds or it was a (pleasant) case.
  • The Sally pituitary extractor is very useful as a weapon, but I wonder if it is consistent that functions without the need for an empty can to contain the pituitary. Often I have made more use of the extractor than KO syringes and I wonder if this thing is not too "comfortable" to do.
  • Both with Sally and Arthur I quickly reached the maximum limit of the expandable inventory, and I would like to ask if it is not the case to automatically convert the object into pieces of cloth, just to make it more useful in its use.
  • I noticed too often NPC that remain impaled doing nothing is in the Garden District that in the Village, they simply stand still staring at one point.
  • In the village I noticed many, too many similar grannies. I ask therefore if it is not the case to create more color palettes for them, they all look like clones. Add some pastel colors, also to make them visibly different, while at Thomasina House leave them all the same white color as a uniform, but with different shades in the hair (gray on the brown, on dark gray etc.). Small note from the gameplay of Arthur: why Madame Wanda is white and not red as in the gameplay in Early access? Frankly I find it both right and consistent that you return in its warm colors, even to distinguish it better in the game. The thing is not consistent for doctors and bobbies as not being civilians wear a uniform, justifying their appearance as clones.
  • About the compliments machines: why can not we steal the batteries from them and rely on them as unseemly public action?
  • Further note the death: there is no handicap in dying, even at times is also an advantage in doing so to escape from an awkward situaizone. However, I would like to suggest as a penalty the loss of skill points (1 or more depending on the difficulty selected) or the halving of the HP of consumption resources. for example, if we had a 100% hp weapon, after death we could find it at 50%. and the same is the picklock, crowbar etc.


  • OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here
  • OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting)
  • NEXT STEP Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting)
  • SOON Difficult mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels)
  • SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)

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Hi Mefionir,

Thank you very much for the in depth analysis of Sally's play through. I've logged the graphical errors and more importantly the localization issues you have mentioned. We will hopefully be able to address that issue in a future patch so as not to frustrate our non english speaking players.

If you could please submit a ticket to Gearbox QA it will help us keep track of this issue.

Thanks again!


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