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How do I get v76676 on Steam/Windows PC?

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Good morning!

Please see the images below.  I am on a Windows PC, and pre-purchased the alpha version of the game via Steam the first day it was available.  Later on when the game "went live" I purchased the full version of the game, updated everything, played obsessively for a while, then left for a good time.  At the time, the DLC was not available, survival/sandbox modes were not live, etc.  From time to time I would come back, if new content like DLC was announced,  and download/update with the new stuff.  Eventually I collected all available updates, all DLC, etc., went through another round of playing obsessively, then left for a while, again.

Now I am returning to We Happy Few after a long absence.  When I log into the game, I get the message, below, that I am running an alpha version of the game, and the first game page indicates there is a new update available.  If I start a new game, my saves show as "sandbox mode" and I cannot access the skill tree.

I uninstalled the game, renamed the "we happy few" folder under steamapps/common, and completely re-downloaded and reinstalled from scratch.  However, I still receive the "alpha version/new update available" messages.  

(1) How can I make sure I am running the most current version of the game?  If there is a new patch or other downloadable content, where do I find it?  Shouldn't it update automatically from Steam?

(2) Why do my saves say "sandbox mode" and why can't I access my skill tree?  My goal is to play through Story Mode again, start to finish.  I no longer have options for different modes after the fresh reinstall, which in theory ought to mean I am in story mode, but the save files still say "sandbox mode."

I appreciate any clarity you can give me.  Thank  you in advance for your assistance.

Jen 😎




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