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Possibly heinous package not spawning

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Unfortunately there is no package in the flower cart.

i read about the known issue, but for me there has simply no package spawned, so also crouching on the top of the cart does not help, as the cart is empty.

When crouching on top, I just fall through the flowers and sitting in the cart.

question marker is direct above the flowers in the cart, but no package.

I already tried to the end of the map, to get as far away from it as possible, to have it maybe spawned.

was about 2.800m far away, but when I came back, nothing changed.

At the beginning of the quest, 2 bobbies stand around the cart, protecting it.

Since I took both out and try to collect the package (meanwhile some days ago and other quests finished between), no new bobbies spawned and also the area is not anymore forbidden to enter.

Question marker is still on top of the cart.

I’m playing it on PS5.

Since I play the game, I really enjoy it a lot. I like the world and all those crazy stories.

But I would like to finish it with 100%.

I would have assumed, when this game is some years old, bugs like this should be fixed a long time ago.

 Especially with knowing dozens of people complaint about this bug in 2018 already, I would have assumed 3 years later the bug will be fixed.

Pls urgently let me know, which trick there is to let the package spawn or when this bug finally will be fixed.

I spend hours to try things to let it spawn already and now I’m tired of continue playing.

Pls work on that and bring a patch soon, many thanks and best regards

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