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Movement Bug: Band of Brothers

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All movement with the left joystick is frozen along with jumping and crouching. Hopefully this can be fixed; I don't think I have the will to replay hours of gameplay.

  • Specific details on what you were doing when it happened: During the "Band of Brothers" mission, I had just entered the military camp with the search lights, after falling in the tank from the pavilion roof in the dump.  I was crouching past one of the North-East facing tanks, directly ahead or NE of where I fell in (a shovel is also located SE from my location), when my movement froze on the L stick.  The R stick movement works, along with all the pause/inventory menus (L stick works in the menus), and all of the L1 items; I  just cannot stand up, jump, or move Arthur. 
  • The platform you are playing on: PS4
  • And the current build you are playing: Build v1.9.88878
  • (Optional) Images or clips can also be useful, but not always necessary: I couldn't get the images to upload properly but I have them if needed for my exact location on the map.

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