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A piece of advice?

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Hey Team

(this question is specifically guided towards Emmanuel, if he's about but anyone can answer)


So personally I am an aspiring to become someone in your position, on top of that set dressing and level design. I am continuing education in 3D, art, creative writing, etc and hopefully moving to Montreal (from Vic B.C because that's where the game companies are and Vancouver is EA and I don't like EA)


I was wondering what one piece of advice you could give someone striving to get there? What is something that you wish you knew back in the day that you know now?


Thanks for answering, it means the world



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Hey! Don't worry your question is not lost, we just came back from Boston and I will go grab Emmanuel to answer it!

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Hi Fael!

Its nice having people intrested in our work!

Basicaly I think that a simple and ''straight to the point'' portfolio could be made of only 3 ''Master Pieces'' so like 2 really good props (at least one hard surface that show your skillset) baked from a high poly with awesome texture work (here are some IDEAL exemples) :






And then finally the third piece can be a really beautifull environment scene (it can be really small) that showcase nice modular stuctural props, nice lighting, staging, good overall quality in every props, and creativity (you can also showcase those two master props in this map if its goes togheter, good trick to quickly create a porfolio from scratch) Here are some ideal exemples:







Everything need to be consitant! You don't wan't to show anything that is not to the highest standart you give yourself! Than with a little bit of luck you find a great place and you get to improve even more!


Good Luck! And be creative and be intersted in other artforms like independant movie, modern art and some weird s**t!


Sorry for my poor English grammar :)



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Since this seems like a good place, I was wondering if could extend the portfolio advice and the same questions TeaWolf had to @Whitney and- if they're on the forums- the other artists too?


I'm already starting a tiny indie studio job next month and finishing my degree this month, in which I'll be leaving to do character design, world building, and storyboards. So if anyone's got any advice for things to keep in mind when entering the industry, I'd be hugely grateful. ♥

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