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System- PS4

Patch- 1.6.

I started the Sympathy For The Lightbearer mission, infiltrated the house, and as far as I can tell, all of the windows except for the bedroom window have metal shutters on them and no way to open it, leaving me 1 meter away from Nick because a shutter is between us.

I have watched walk throughs  to see what I  am missing, and the quest doesn't seem seem to incorporate these metal shudders on every window the way my mission house does. 

*I have disabled the security system, if that has anything to do with it.

If this mission just glitched? Are there any known fixes? Thanks for your time.

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Hi Eye-of-Merlin,
The entrance into the Lightbearer mission is on the third floor and you need to go through the building nearby to get to the appropriate window. If you're in the right place and the shutters are in your way then my best guess is that an alarm is going off and therefore the shutters are down, once you're in the clear and all the alarms are off the shutters should deactivate and then you can proceed through the window. I really hope that helps- if it doesn't then I'll need to know which objective you're on in the mission.

Have a nice day.

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Third floor and head to the left when u get to the corner duck amd do left again it took me a bit to realize it but there is a way then after you coss a bridge between buildings you got to jump but let your self drop to secomd floor the path will comtinie around the second building then keep walking around till you can climb back to third floor.

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