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I am pleased with this game so far . Sallys story petered out a bit , Working on Arty after this.



Guard shop quest Lionel

just watch the NPCs

Butcher icons show up before the quest .

O'currant has a floating letter you cant grab

Johnny boltons voice can be heard in cuttys basement

Several imaginary cars in parade dist.

Scotch girl repeats

appleholm has no downer detector


Peachys quest cant unlock upstairs door

untie Eddie has a teeny tiny hit box

npcs group in the garden district ( ghosts in the machine?)

unsafe house no baby!/ doors

jubilators suck up bobbys

after installing baby feeder no milk but Gwen still hungry / no baby meter / guilt meter

sally screams for no reason in the GD between the witches and the bridge( even on the road

crash during sallys end cut scene

inconsistent story interactions for Aurther and sally ( same interactions different place ?

Cant catch butter flies around shelter by Sallys house

with both aurther and sally npcs like to float around everywhere


played on steam


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Hi there,


Thanks for your feedback and we're glad to hear you're liking the game. :)




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