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Platform: GOG
Build: v1.1.69866

I originally sent it as a DM on reddit, but I was invited to also post it here (I will see to reproduce and add some images/videos later, but I've switched to the Steam version):

-Some of the terrain generation needs work, I've found several land pits and flat squares. I also found one or two floating batches of grass (specially near the fort with the paper tanks).

-The switch from 8:59 pm to 9:00 pm feels like lacking some kind of smoothing (specially outside the spanker house), the game simply switched to darker and the flowers instantly open, perhaps some kind of smoothing animation?

-I've got some rolling pins in my stash but all damaged, when I go to craft something it shows 0.225/1 , I know that is the true value, but it feels weird having such small values on screen.

-Weapons clustering inventory/stash (specially rusty shovels and cricket bats), perhaps some function later on to "repair" them with others, to help clear inventory and for crafting.

-I've experienced at least five times NPC randomly teleporting when I approach them, both from going far away and right in front of me, still haven't been able to reproduce it at will.

-Sometimes the Madame at the spaker house/rubber suit house gets stuck on her door, this became a problem when I went to the next room to get the key for her special knocker and pressed V to stun the people there, she turned aggressive and made me fail the quest to give her the key (even tho she was just unconscious).

-I've found some floating houses/back alleys as well some rotated in a weird way, but the "Out for lunch" signs are floating on the position you would expect the houses to be.

-The dot crosshair does not always prompt to the item you want to pick (i.e.: Metal Bits on top of a dresser, the game will prompt to the dresser, even if already searched and empty, needing to move the camera a bit to get the prompt for the item).

-The "Hive Mind" quest is not possible to complete, not only the bees stagger me from doing action, there is no prompt to get the honey from their tree (all other trees are fine).

-In Dr. F's house in the first dresser, there sometimes can be a floating shovel as one of the items).

-Sometimes the game gives loadscreens (1-2 seconds) when walking around on the garden district, but they always on the same spot, could be that because I am using a HDD and not a SSD.

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Hi Velken,

Thank you for your feedback. We have noted your glitches and will work towards getting those fixed (terrain generation, NPC teleport, floating houses, Hive mind quest) as soon as possible. 

Have a great day!


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