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Finally had the time to get in a couple hours of gameplay and WOW! This just keeps getting better and better.



Love all of the new recipes. Managed to make a Spiked Cricket Bat. Truly awesome. One hit kill at the right angle, no charging required.

The music, it really enhances the experience. Reminds me of the movie Brazil.

The "It's tiiime!" guy. Actually, both of them. Very creepy.

I love that there are more options for food.



In the first build there weren't any bridges to the Garden District, only bridges to other Wastes. I had to cheat and employ flight to confirm and make my way to the Garden District.

In all of the builds I played through the people were virtually impossible to hit. They would sometimes dodge, but even when totally still and my fist/weapon appearing to make contact, there was no effect. I only successfully hit once for every four or five strikes.

Impossible to find a canteen, and it seems like now he's dropping the canteen after drinking it? Or maybe there's a difference between a container of purified water you find and filling a canteen from the tap? Either way, had to keep making trips to the Waste where I could only drink from the tap.



I noticed there isn't a recipe for purified water anymore, is that a permanent change or is it being altered?

Any plans to have the alcohol affect Arthur? Maybe it can better offset thirst at the expense of getting drunk? Can't walk/run straight, blurry vision, passing out?

Will there be more food recipes in future builds? I liked being able to turn raw meat into jerky, any other options for the other rotten/rancid/strange food?


I don't like that this seems more negative than positive, because the Pros are just a few things that stand out; I'm thoroughly enjoying the game. Think of it this way, everything not on the Con list is a Pro. It's working the way it's supposed to.

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Hey @Wilson,


We need you all to be as honest as possible. Do not think for a second that this hurts us, we want to know ALL the cons! :)


To answer your questions:

- Charcoal filter + impure water + container no?(might not be fully working)

- Well, alcohol is for disinfecting and for Bobbies, would be shameful to drink it ;)

- Yes there will be more :)

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@Wilson,If your game is lagging a bit it might make it a bit tricky to connect hits. I've had issues with that when I start getting into large fights. And make sure they're not blocking, a connected hit on someone that's blocking won't do anything except damage your weapon. And be sure to hold onto those rotten potatoes you find, they make a mighty fine disinfectant!


And don't worry about negative feedback. I made a big post the other week that was all about things going wrong with the game!

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@Wilson It is possible that it got lost while we were making some modifications to the recipes but it will be back, thanks for the heads up!

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