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Gimme Shelter Trophy Glitch 2021

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Hi, I have no idea if these forums are still used or observed - alot of the posts seem to be from a few years ago.


I picked up the game recently and I’ve been really enjoying it, but the final shelter in The Parade is bugged in my game - it never stays unlocked, I can’t fast-travel to it and I haven’t received the Gimme Shelter trophy.

Is there any solution to this that doesn’t involve replaying the whole game upto this point? I’ve spent 30 hours collecting EVERYTHING I possibly could upto this point and the glitch is making me lose confidence in the game.

I was going to finish the storyline and buy the DLC but I feel like if there’s game-breaking bugs in that too then I can’t commit to spending that money. I’ve enjoyed the game (despite the numerous bugs / issues I’ve encountered) but none have effected me much up until now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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