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Guest Scorpion667

Version: XBOX ONE   Build: The one you've just released.

Well, needless to say there are a lot of things wrong with this game, you might as well release a checklist as most people will simply not remember half of the borked things they've seen. But, so far i've had:

- Crashes on loading and during various cutscenes, including the climactic escape from the mines.
- Buildings missing walls so you can see through them. This is incredibly frequent, around every few corners walking through a town i'll see this.
- Ragdoll weirdness.
- People standing about a meter in the air. Notably this happened outside the building in which you wear the rubber suit, i can't remember the name of it.
- Horrendous frame rate drops during gameplay and even worse during cut scenes, often with freezes of up to five seconds which puts the audio and video out of sync for the rest of the sequence.
- NPC's standing waist deep in the floor (this happened in a doorway to building in which was my current objective, blocking progress.)
- On talking to the guy that was being harassed by the Jubilator in the large circular room, the audio became extremely laggy, dialogue lines overlapping each other, ruined the audio completely until i restarted.
- Other audio issues regarding quest givers not talking when they're supposed to.
- Arthur sliding off platforms during a platforming section in the train station toward the end of his campaign. I was standing on top of the train and my character randomly just slid off onto an electric hazard.
- Textures taking far too long to load, trying to read a sign on a wall can require standing in front of it for up to ten seconds before the texture becomes clear enough to read.
- Various objects, benches, gates, cars loading low poly models that just look out of place, very distracting.
- NPC's sliding across the floor, running at the speed of sound, walking through walls, that part where you get a choice to revive an overdosed lady in the street, i revived her for every NPC to start fighting her because she's a downer.... It was absolute insanity, they were just zipping around the screen swinging their weapons, levitating, hovering back and forth down the street, obviously not meant to happen.

 I'm sure you can release an update to fix many, even all of these issues, but please.... Let's not encourage this behavior from developers to lazily release a fully marketed product like this, in such a state that once we buy it, we have to wait longer before it's even worth the money we payed for it. It's simply shocking, the games industry is the ONLY ONE, where companies can get away with selling you a broken product, for a year later people will sing their praises because they managed to fix the issues and make it "the game it should have been in the first place". Honestly, shame on you Compulsion for pulling a stunt like this. This tactic does not fly anymore, now you have people like Jim Sterling calling you out, highlighting how stupid you must think people are to pay money first and give you the benefit of the doubt that you'll eventually give them the product they actually wanted.


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Hi there,


We're sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues.

We're currently working on a hotfix which will address performance, stability and other major issues.




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