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Report Bugs P.1 (ACT I - Arthur / Normal)

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  • Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866
  • Mode: ACT I - Arthur / Normal
  • Player: Italian (Early Access Native)
  • Gameplay: 17 h / Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics
  • WHF_Arthur_HERO-hero.jpg

LOCALIZATION PROBLEMS (for all languages) The Red color is Urgent Fix

  • Some kinematics  don't have subtitles in any language, specifically:
  1. The final movie that closes the act of Arthur, making it particularly frustrating experience to the player is not English and who must rely only hearing to understand what happens ?In this video (WARNING SPOILER ACT 1) you can see the absence of subtitles even for the English version.
  2. The first meeting with Nick Lightbearer in "Sympathy for the Lightbearer"
  • Signs without subtitles
  1. The newspaper articles to be censored in Arthur's office, making the decision of non-English players less immersive;
  2. Many of the almost complete posters of the Garden District.
  • Some letters in the game have not been translated into any language.
  1. The Soviets take Berlin
  2. Suspected Downer
  3. L'O Courant - Article 2
  4. L'O Courant - Article 3
  5. L'O Courant - Article 4
  6. L'O Courant - Article 5
  7. L'O Courant - Latest edition
  • In the list of skills, there is a bug on the font for accented letters (Link)

Further communications will follow in case of missing text finds.


  • Completed (in this gameplay)

Heal Thysealf / Regurgitation Elincidation / The Last Haltch / A Model Citizen / House Call / Sum of the Parts / Sub Terra Sub Rosa / Edie Goes Downer / Thomasina House / Plough Boy's Lunch / Public Works / Antijubilatarianism, Old Soldiers / Superb Meat Boy / Shocking Revelation / Shocking Carelessness / Look Like Rain / Love Birds / Sympathy for the Lightbearer / Madame's Magic Wand / Popped Popper / Spanker's Corner / The Church of Simon Says / Lilies of the Field / What Have We Buried / Golden Oldies / You can't beat the Odds / Meet the Neighbours / Biological Hazard / Motilene Makes You Storng / Get the Dolly / Hallucinogenic Salad / Cult of Jack / I Yam What I Yam / Mystery House / Forbidden Fruit / Treehouse / Constant Gardeners / Haute Cuisine / Stranger in a Strange Land / Bring out your dead / Wild Picnic / Everybody must get stoned / Mine mine all mine / Duck soup / A tearspoon of sugar /  Shobboleth / Conflict resolution / How to be sneaky / Hydration Edification / Hostile Takeover / I sing the body eletric / The great Stink / Letter of transit / No exit / Oh, behave! / Wellington under / Dress for success / Rorke's drift bridge / Future perfect / A malpractice of Doctors / The two musketeers / Start spreding the news / Cub reporter / Band of brothers / Should Auld Acquaintance / Finding Faraday / The English Vice / Plassey bridge / The house of the inventor / Haworth Labs / Point of Departure / The scottish Play / Really Bad Gas / Sympathy for the Lightbearer

  • Impossible to complete
  1. A sucker for science: Unable to vacuum the required gases. Nothing happens, a particular container was useful;
  2. Possibly Heinous Package: After crushing all the bobbies, it is impossible to take the package from the cart. More details here;
  3. Ceci n'est pas une pipe: the hose can not be repaired, nor can Motilene be vacuumed. Mode details here;
  4. Mistery Box: The chest always has the same letter, no variation. Moreover, after a few days it will be impossible to open it, but the map marks that there is something to be recovered in the chest;
  5. Hive Mind: Impossible to get honey from the tree. In addition, the bees continue to sting even if the required dress is worn.
  • Resolved ambiguously
  1. Really Bad Gas: the pipe has been repaired and the shelter is active, but the mission still requires repair;
  2. (the previous "Everybody's a winner at simon Says"): The mission is completed only if the three aggressors are killed, and not simply by fleeing fear, making the request made at the beginning of the mission ambiguous;
  3. It's impossible to take Motilene for Faraday in the various areas of the city, I only managed it thanks to the "Look Like Rain" mission.

Further communications will follow in the event of missions missing from the list.


  • Some portcullis appear closed when in reality they should be open (club of the curious behaviors) or however not accessible to the public as closed visually (soldier's house)
  • Special objects never disappear from the inventory after being used for the mission dedicated to them, and this creates confusion in the inventory itself.
  • At the beginning of the game, in the Garden District (story mode), when there is an angry crowd outside the church it happens that at the exit they turn too suddenly or are already back home if it takes place at night, making the scene unrealistic
  • Sometimes in the main menu, the Uncle Jack shows in Theatre menu (but also the final kinematics and the end credits in taking Joy at the beginning of the game) tend not to want to interrupt when we want, going on video in audio even if we start a new game . To be verified because it happens.
  • At the Parade I watched the Uncle Jack show on the "Wellington Wells museum in the future", but the video did not appear in the theater menu.
  • Some NPCs to find a corpse remain still to observe it.


  • In the final version, the workshop file created for "Life in Technicolour" can be selected in the subtitles menu. But I would like to know if there are plans to release the file with complete texts to allow others to contribute to the workshop with languages not supported by other foreign countries (Turkish, Swedish etc.);
  • I did not understand the difference between a deceased person and an unconscious person;
  • The list of memories and the Uncle Jack show in the Teatre menu would be convenient in two separate sections;
  • I would like to make it easier to read the list of Power Up, it is very inconvenient to scroll like a list. Maybe some icons?
  • In the announced sandbox mode, I hope there will be a return of death by hunger and thirst, or at least that this is among the selectable possibilities.
  • There are no jubiliators in the city?


  • Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting)
  • Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting)
  • Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels)
  • Normal mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
  • Places to analyze better: Parade, Victory Memorial, Mrs Chaney house, House of Doctors, Butcher's shop of Mr. Curry.

In the future, gif will follow to better explain the bugs.

Thanks for the attention. comment and add useful notes to indicate fixes to developers.

Edited by Mefionir-24
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Guest BadDietGut

on the quest "shocking carelessness" when you need to pull the latch to the train tracks to activate it, i have done so, yet in my quest log it still tells me to activate the lever to the tracks, so i am unable to complete since i cannot reactivate the lever after doing so once.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. ?


We're currently working on a hotfix which will address performance, stability and other major issues.




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