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Guest Lacie

Bugs Encountered

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Guest Lacie

Hey guys, loving the game so far but thought I’d head here to give you heads up on bugs I’ve encountered.

Platform: PS4

Build: v1.1.69541

What happened: In combat with any NPCs (haven’t tested on wastrels and downers) blowing the item ‘Bobby whistle’ causes the game to freeze and be unresponsive. Need to force exit from the PS home screen.

Where: Inside all city areas 

What happened: Can’t read any later entries or statistics in journal after quest Haworth Lab. Stays stuck on the Jubilator derby note. 

Where: In journal as Arthur, after main quest at Haworth Labs.

What happened: Cutscenes with dialogue don’t play. Have to hit skip to proceed.

Where: Several occasions in different places. Medal quest at the start, superb meat boy and Lionel’s guard quest.

What happened: Several crashes including unable to load a save when in the parade.

where: various times and locations

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Hi Lacie,


Thanks for the feedback.

We're currently working on a hotfix to address performance, stability and other major issues.




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