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Just wan't to thank you!!

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Hello! @compulsion

I don't really know where to send this message, but I hope you guys at Compulsion Games can see this.  ❤️

First of all I deeply thank you for making such amazing games, seriously thank you!😊 We Happy Few is one of my favorite game of all time and it's very immersive. That is one of the reasons It has helped me through a tough part of my life. I'ts pretty ironic to say that WHF has helped me with my depression since the game has a very depressive tone to it, but it has. When I felt down I could escape to a cool retro-futuristic world for a while and that made me able to get through my normal life. Without sounding too dramatic I just wan't to say that it's one of the things that's the reason I'm still here today.

Thank you!🥰 And don't forget to take your Joy!💊

Yours Truly, Elsa

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