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Guest Nara

Firstly - I'm so happy that you managed to get the game out earlier than expected. I was gutted when I heard about the initial delay. But when Amazon told me I'd be getting it on August 10th I was beyond ecstatic. I've been waiting for this release since the initial trailer and I'm so grateful it's finally here. It's wonderful to see such an active small indie development team take on such a huge project and make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

However, there are some issues that I believe need addressing soon. Since installing and running the game on my original PS4 console (not PS4 Pro) I have encountered numerous glitches and bugs that have been really frustrating as they've harmed an otherwise incredible experience. These are the issues that I recall having in my first 4-5 hours of playtime.

1) The introductory cinematic runs at an extremely low frame-rate and the load times are incredibly slow too (however I understand the CPU must be working hard to generate every asset).

2) The first quest I found had severe audio issues and I was forced to skip the cutscene and guess how to best go about with the objective due to a lack of info. I believe this was just before entering the brawl arena before the first bridge.

3) General slowdown during gameplay and input irregularities with combat.

4) Enemies seem to occasionally see me through walls where I should hypothetically be undetected (though this only happened once).

5) Whilst infiltrating the camp with Ollie to shut down the power I somehow got stuck inside a wooden structure. I don't know if that's a clipping issue or maybe I just did something I wasn't supposed to but I was trapped and as a result, I was caught and killed.

As far as I'm aware a large patch was made available on PC which seems to have fixed some bugs, many of which I most likely haven't encountered yet, and I am grateful you are doing your best to deal with these issues. I hope that there will be a patch soon to aid how the game runs as I struggle to get above 20fps consistently and it hurts as a customer to battle through these issues while I'm playing. However, I have my faith in you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards, Nara.

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Hi Nara,


We're glad to hear you've been enjoying the game and are sorry to hear you've been experiencing these issues.

We're currently working on a hotfix which will address performance, stability and other major issues.




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