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What was your favorite video game as a kid and tell me why?

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@Sam From the way i wrote the post it may sound like i have beatean it once and tried again recently. Let me clarify: hell no. I only got as far as beating the blue bear boss, at the end of the forest level, once or twice. And that game is so big, it is beautiful insane.

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Is actually a big tie:
-Age of Empires 2 | Age of Mythology (I love RTS)
-Warcraft (zug zug)
-Spore (Loved to create structures and create adventures)
-Half Life (I want to believe in the number 3)
-Sim City 2k (this one I still have the original CD well preserved)
-Roller Coaster/Zoo Tycoon 2 (loved to kill the guests :V )
-Fallout 1/2 (specially the easter eggs)
-Crash Bandicoot (uga budga)
-Zelda Ocarina of Time (I never actually beat Majora's Masks, so I don't feel worthy of adding it here)
-Elder Scrolls Morrowind/Oblivion (STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!)
-Abe's Odyssey (I still remember the little dance he did)

Yes, I couldn't pick a top one of those, because all of them marked my childhood

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Dota 2 is the favorite game from my childhood.

First and foremost, this is because it helped me to find many new friends at school even though I wasn't a good communicator. Actually, I was terrible at it, but Dota 2 helped me to improve.

Secondly, Dota helped me to make some pocket money by trading items (not big sums, but I was able to buy some yummies:)).

And lastly, it was the best place to forget about my problems for a while and focus on something different.

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For me the video game area began with the Gameboy and tetris.

Soon it ended up in Pokemon red & blue.

then the day came, when I came to school and the N64 was released.

I got it from my father to the school enrollment, first game was Mario 64 for sure.

After this stunning game, a lot more followed.

Bomberman64, Donkey Kong64, Turok,….and for sure Zelda : ocarina of time.

don’t know how often I have finished this game in my life, it’s still one of my all time favorites.

And then the day came, when I got my first PlayStation….with Resident Evil 1.

A new century began from that point for me…adult games….besides I was far away from being an adult :D

From this moment on, I adored RE and till today RE 1&2 are the best games for me and will ever be.

I miss games like that today…..games where the player really needs to show some brain and skills, to move forward.

no blinking arrows pointing in the right direction and quests which explain every detail what you have to do next. Instead you had to try on your own….and it was awesome.

I think kids starting gaming today will never know, what real “gaming” is.

I can see it already with nephews etc….they think today they are unbeatable players with their 10-12 years and their PS4.

And in reality they prefer to watch others playing games instead of doing it on their own.

If you challenge them in games like tekken, gran turismo, need for speed or rocket league, they barely can beat the bots….but they think they can beat you, because you’re more than 20 years older than they are….5 min later they are hardly disappointed… :D

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