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Nick's Hideout Bug Still not Fixed?

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Hey Compulsion!

I have run into the bug that appears to have happened to quite a few other players where after we solve the guitar puzzle in Nick's house, and the hideout opens up, the game essentially ends for us there. On one thread (from early 2019) the only suggestion was to start Sally's playthrough again...

Why can't this be fixed on your end so we, the people who paid for the game, can actually play it?

I fully understand that the pandemic slows operations down but this is an issue that has been known since at least Apr 2019.

How is a bug that halts the game play of your game not a TOP level priority and hasn't been fixed in any patches since being notified?

I respect your team and I have loved this game so far but now I am extremely disappointed and annoyed that my progress was all for nothing.

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