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Build 10 first Impression

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I have had a busy couple of months, and while I've still been keeping up with the weekly updates and new build notes, I haven't had a chance to really play the game since the last 2 updates. I finally had some time over the weekend and got a good 5-6 hours of play in, and WOW is the game greatly improved!!


The good:


-The new lighting and ambiance is amazing! I really love the noticeable difference in each time of day. The graphics also seem a lot smoother to me from what I remember.

-The loading time for starting a new game was cut in about half. Only 15-30 seconds compared to a minute or more from before.

-I really enjoyed the new gameplay elements with night and combat. At first I was getting frustrated that I kept dying so easily, but quickly realized I had to change the way I played and started having a lot more fun playing the game than I use to. I started getting really immersed in the game because I actually had to put a lot of thought into how to proceed and make my next move. Combat being harder, in a good way, made me more reluctant to set people off where before I didn't really care too much (also noticed it felt smoother and more realistic). I got nervous getting stuck in the village when night time hit, having to find a place to sneak out of the sight of bobbies or find a house to duck into. Really good stuff :)

-The new map is an obvious improvement; I really like that it now shows lootable houses and it also helped me gather a sense of direction without having the check the map every 30 seconds.

-I really like the new layout of the village and the new alleyways. It all makes the town feel more put together and less random. I also didn't run into any house clipping blocking the stairs and all that. I also liked that the houses are more in the center, and you can kind of cruise the outside to get into houses undetected and sneak around bobbies at night.

-The new joy system is also a great improvement . I always did have a problem with the way it was before; the benefit of taking joy never seemed to really outweigh the cost. But now there is a lot more incentive since you can choose and control how long and at what cost you take it for. The new scenery changes and Arthur's jolly stroll are also entertaining :)

-Obviously I can't name every little change that helped improved the game, but I will just say that overall the game feels much deeper and more alive. With there not being that much to actually "do" in the game in it's current state, I still found myself having fun for hours and played much longer than I had before. I was also much more eager to load up a new save after each time I died. I really love the direction the game is going, and at this rate I feel confident the final product won't let me down!


The bad:


-I don't know if this is just me, or if it's something you are already aware of, but I wasn't able to load a previously saved file. The specifics: I had updated my game with the most recent build on Friday the 11th, then opened up the game and started a new save, I played for a few hours and saved/quit. Yesterday the 13th, I opened the game up again and tried to load my previous save from Friday, but after maybe 10 seconds of loading, the game crashed. I opened the game and tried loading the save again a second time, and it crashed again the exact same way. It wasn't an issue of trying to load a save from a previous build of the game, the save was from after my game was up to date. I sent the crash report for both times and just loaded a new game. I haven't tried to load a save since then, so I don't know if it was just my computer, just that specific save file, or if it's a universal issue.

-One specific house seems to have the "invisible object" issue in the same spot. It is the house in the garden that has 2 floors plus the attic. The second floor has a room with 2 beds, usually 1 or 2 wastrels, and always has a locker. You get to the attic by climbing the low dresser sitting on its side, and up in the attic is a wastrel and a fire pit (we all know the house, right? lol). I am unable to walk over to where the fire pit is due to some invisible obstruction blocking the path. I was able to get around it by climbing up the other side of the floor, but even then I was only able to walk up to the fire pit and still couldn't get around it to get into the corner where there are some pickable objects on the floor. This happened 3 different times in the same "type" of house, over multiple save games, so it seems to be a consistent issue for that specific house.

-This is more of a personal opinion than a problem with the game; I do like the new sleeping system, and I actually think the balance of it is fairly on point. I like that you aren't necessarily forced to sleep once you start getting tired, but failure to do so will make continuing on more and more difficult the longer you don't. My only gripe, though minor, is with hunger/thirst/illness decay. I understand that your needs will decay while you sleep, but it did happen to me more than once that I died because of it. I don't necessarily have a problem with the fact that you could die if you don't pay attention to these things, but I think it's that you can't always tell how long you can sleep and still be ok. Maybe you could implement a way for the "sleep time setter thingy" to indicate that sleeping X amount of time would kill you. For example, having the icon for hunger blink in red next to the number of hours, if that number of hours of sleep would cause you to die of hunger, and the same for thirst or illness. That way, if you would be able to squeeze in an hour or 2 of sleep before you would die, you could still do so and not have to just guess if you'd be ok or not. I did find myself in the situation where I really really needed to sleep, but my hunger meter was almost empty. I didn't have any food on hand and getting some would have been too great a task for how little stamina I had. My health bar was all the way full so I figured I'd be ok to sleep for a couple hours (can't recall how long I set exactly), so I chanced it and died. I can see reasons why you wouldn't want to implement something like this, but figured it was worth suggesting.

-Minor issues: ground levels between grass and sidewalks, or grass and house entrances being off in certain places, so you had to jump to get past. Ran into a few NPCs that were bugged out, going in circles in place and/or not sure where to find me even when I was right in front of them


That's "all" I have for now lol, sorry if this was long-winded but I was trying to be specific! Like I said before I had a lot of fun playing the game over the weekend and honestly look forward to playing again when I have time. I got a decent amount of play time in and didn't even make it around to all of the districts, let alone experience a lot of the new stuff I've read has been put in. I couldn't believe how different the game felt after only a 2-3 month hiatus, and I agreed with just about every change/adjustment that's been put in. Can't wait to see what's next!

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@afrat240 Thanks for the feedback!

I got to fix that collision in the house, thanks for the thorough description! It should be fixed in a hotfix or in the next update.

We are also definitely working on adding a good bunch of new encounters and unique houses into the game soon!

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Great feedback, thanks.


We identified the issue with save files and are fixing it.

For the sleeping killing you, we recently had a big debate about it, between two extreme view points: preventing the player from sleeping if it's going to kill him, and letting total freedom to kill yourself if you're not careful. It's hard to find the balance, it depends on players tastes in fact.

We were thinking of adding icons to visualise the "cost" of sleeping in terms of loss of thirst and hunger, so the player can do what he wants, but at least he's aware.


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