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New trailer and actors reveal!

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Hi everyone,

We are less than a month away from launching the full game!

We are really excited as this means we can finally start opening up a bit more about the characters, the world and the soundtrack.

Starting with this newly released trailer! Always Be Cheerful: The ABCs of Happiness.

Today we also revealed the wonderful actors behind our main characters.

Alex Wyndham is Arthur Hastings.


Charlotte Hope is Sally Boyle.


Allan James Cooke is Ollie Starkey.


Katherine Kingsley is Victoria Byng.


And last but not least, Julian Casey is Jack Worthing.


We are incredibly lucky to have all these amazingly talented actors on board for the wacky journey that is We Happy Few. We cannot wait for you all to discover them!

Thank you all again for being with us from the beginning. It isn't the end yet ;)

Compulsion Games

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