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We Happy Few - Things I'd've Liked To See In The Game

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This is a list of things that I think would fit well in We Happy Few. Hopefully some of it can be implemented in a sequel game or an expansion/DLC to the current game.

Chef Outfit:
Offers no protection. Can use it to blend in at villages and cities (people won't get as mad at you there), and at new special areas and events.
What "special areas and events" am I talking about? I was thinking that if there were some quest that involves sneaking into a party, that one of the routes you could take to do so is stealing a chef's clothes and going in through the kitchen. If you just walk into the kitchen without wearing chef's clothes, the other people there will get mad at you.

Empty Cans + More Canned Foods + Canned Food Crafting:
We've all tasted the canned meats in We Happy Few. But because of how rare they are, and because of the fact that you can't refill them on your own, I always hoard them for many in-game weeks, sometimes never eating them at all. But what if we could fill them with meats on our own? Here's how it might work:
If you consume a canned food, you get back an empty can. You can also loot empty cans randomly throughout the world. You can then take these empry cans to a specialised Cooking Station and refill them with all sorts of meats and things. The crafting recipe will include an empty can, some sort of preservative, and the meat you want to put in it.
If more fruits were added to We Happy Few we can even put some of that in our cans.

More Stuff (Some Simple Ideas):
- Hamburger
- Veggieburger (like a hamburger, but filled with tasty vegetable greens)
- Vegetable Soup
- Salad
- Toasted Bread
- Strange Pie (contains Hiptoplasma and/or Strange Meat)
- Strange Tea (tea spiked with Hiptoplasma)
- Joy Tea (more on this later)
- Meat-On-A-Stick
- Wine (Only found in the more wealthier regions of the world)
- Vinegar
- Orange Juice
- Joy-O-Cola (Sort of like Coca Cola, but filled with everyone's favourite drug - JOY!)
- Molotov (A regular molotov crafted with simpler resources and with less firepower than the Blue Molotov)
- Stale Bread (no food poisoning, less nutritious than regular bread)
- Old War Grenade (Straight from World War II! Non-craftable and only found in a few places, such as the Military Camp. Limited Supply. LOTS of firepower in a small area, to be reserved for only the most desperate of times)

Joy Tea (Liber-Tea?):
Just simple tea made from joy-contaminated water. In addition to its usual affects, it now also fills some of your joy meter. Joy Tea will be the only kind of tea you'll find in the Village or the Parade, as the only kind of water they have there is contaminated with Joy. Everywhere else you can still find tea made from pure water.

This will give more value to making your own tea, as you can choose which kind you want and not be stuck with Joy Tea.

PS: Yes, "Liber-Tea" is a reference to Helldivers.

Cooking Station + Food Crafting:
A new crafting station specifically reserved for cooking advanced foods. If we were given the ability to craft certain foods in We Happy Few, this is where the most powerful of them will be crafted.
Some foods that we currently have that could be easily implemented for crafting at the cooking station: Bread, Chunky Stew, Jerky, Sandwich, Pie (full version of the "Slice of Pie"), Stew, etc.

Expanded Factions + Faction Quests + Faction Relations:
Give each of the abandoned/destroyed towns a faction of their own. They each have their own unique insignia. Either they get entirely unique outfits to distunguish them, or these insignias are used. Either way, not all the factions should wear the exact same clothing.

Each faction has their own faction headquarters, be it based in a cellar, a half-intact building or even a makeshift camp with walls of scrap metal.

Most of the factions will have faction-specific quests that they could offer the player, of they trust the player.

You see, now there will also be Faction Relations. Kill/attack one of their own, or do a quest that negatively impacts them, and they'll dislike you. But kill/attack their enemies or
do quests for them, and you'll begin buidling Trust with them.

At varying levels of Trust, they'll begin to offer you more access to their faction territory, give you more quests to do, and offer you gifts of thanks. One of the many benefits of them trusting you is that ALL of their members will become allied to you. This means that they'll come to your aid if any nearby Bobbies or Infected attack or
threaten you, and you will be allowed to wander around in restricted areas and past curfew.

Each faction also has a entirely unique and complex storyline. As you complete it, you'll begin learning more about the members of that faction, the history of the faction, and their
ambitions and plans for the future.

More (Repeatable?) Random Encounters/Quests:
- "A thief stole x item. Go retrieve it." A new npc will be spawned in at a random location. In his pockets he will be carrying the item.
- "I need x item. Make/get one for me." It'd be a common item like a Filled Power Cell that you can always find more of, not any items that there are only a limited amount of.
- "Go to x place and dig up a chest. Retrieve and return an item inside of that chest." A new Dig Spot will be spawned in at a random (preferrable unexplored) area nearby.
- "Go attack x target." Lethal force not required. In fact, some would pay more for you NOT to kill them (they only want to scare the guy).
- "Go retrieve x posession of mine." A new quest item will be spawned in at a random location, even at places you've already visited.
- "Deliver verbal message to x npc." You will just have to go and talk to a randomly selected npc.
- "Deliver package to x npc." An item/package wil be added to your inventory. Deliver it to a randomly selected npc.
- "Take this gift." It'd be a rather rare one. The only objective is to take whatever item(s) the npc wants to give to you. Could occur as a result of you doing something good in the
npc's neighbourhood, or as a result of high Faction Trust.
- "I challenge you to a duel." Fight the npc and win. Use non-lethal force, or at the very least carefully lower their health with a low-damage weapon below the threshold.

Separate Shovel Model For Digging + New Shovel Mechanics + Unique Shovels:
If you dig at a Dig Spot, the shovel you use to dig should lose durability.

Rusty Shovels and normal Shovels have different looks. But currently. when you dig it always uses the normal shovel, even if you only have rusty ones in your inventory.

If you have both rusty and normal shovels in your inventory, it should use the normal shovel. If you have only rusty ones, use them. Exception - if your shovel has such low durability that it will break if you use it to dig, the game will search for any other shovel with higher durability. First it picks normal shovels, and then if it has no choice, rusted ones.

The game will at all times try to avoid using special/unique shovels for digging. Yes, another new addition will be special/unique shovels that you can find hidden away in the world, or recieve as a quest reward. These shovels have better stats and some lore attached to them.

Unique/Special Items:
Special items that there are only one of in a given playthrough. These will higher stats (damage, attack speed, effort, reach, weight, durability, etc.) than their normal variants, and have lore.

How do you get them? Well some are hidden away in places that are hard to reach, or are seldom visited. But most you will get as rewards for doing quests. If proper factions were added, you will get a unique weapon for fully completing each faction's storyline.

Simple example of a special item: Uncle Jack's Shovel - "Legend has it Uncle Jack himself used this very shovel to plant all the lovely flowers you see everywhere in the Village."

Loot In Car Boots(Trunks):
Sure it's nice to hide in the boots (trunks) of the cars. But you know what'd be even nicer? If there actually was some loot in there! Not every car should have loot, and most of them will only have basic items such as Leather Scraps, Duct Tape, Bandages or Coins.

Equipment Repair Kit:
Give us some way to repair our beloved clothes and weapons. This'd be especially nice for keeping my unique/special items in shape. Either make the Repair Kit usable for this, or give us a new item for the job.

Lively Woods and Forrests:
Where's the birds? Surely at the very least SOME birds would've survived? I'm not exactly asking of you to make birds that you can see flying around and stuff, just make us some ambient nature noises. Birds chirping excitedly early in the morning, owls hoo-hoo-ing at night.

Even some insects could work nicely - crickets, sun beatles, etc. Just by adding some ambient sounds you will already make the world seem more filled with life.

More Room/Building Variations + More Furniture & Decorations:
After having seen 3 or so building and rooms, you've just about seen it all. Seriously. Adding more variations to find randomly generated out in the world would spice things up a lot!

Also, I do think that if we had more furniture and decorations to look at while exploring the houses in the Village, it won't get boring as quickly.

Hunter AI:
Make the AI chase you better, and more realistically.

If you flee into a hallway that connects to several rooms, they'll first check out rooms whose doors are open and then the ones with closed doors.

If they're in a room they will walk around and actually pretend to look for you, peering out the windows and everything.

Sometimes if they've been in a room for long enough, they'll now search any hiding places they find, looking under beds and such.


Fighter AI:
Enemies in front will always go for melee attacks when you are withing melee range - not just stand there looking dumb while trying to throw you with a brick at point blank range!

Enemies that are in the back and at a safe-ish distance from you will always use ranged attacks - if they can't get to you due to you having bottle-necked them up the stairs, why not
start throwing bricks?

Also enemy projectiles should be allowed to pass through their allies, so it's easier for them to hit you even if you're completely surrounded by many other guys.

Enemies that have very low health will try to retreat to the back and attack with ranged attacks, so their friends with more health can come in front and tank the hits.

In short, the enemies should function more as a collective group, rather that each just chaotically trying to do their own thing with no regard for their friends. Making them just that bit smarter will make the combat of We Happy Few more exciting and rich.

Cool Idea For A New DLC/Scenario:
Picture this - A giant flying aircraft. Aboard this aircraft there are 3 main characters (keeping with the trend of the first being the longest and the last being the shortest).

The First Guy just wants to escape, but in doing so angers the authorities. They continue to chase him around the aircraft as he crawls through the vents in search of a way off this monstrosity.

The Second Guy continues with the story after the First Guy has finally escaped. Due to him successfully escaping many people have begun an uprising, rebelling against their former overlords. The Second Guy is an engineer, and he's caught in the middle as the Rebels wreak havoc. Second Guy tries to keep the Airship afloat as the Rebels blow up sections of the Airship.

The Third Guy is a member of the Rebellion. We follow his story as he and the rest of the Rebels fight their way through the Airship and finally overthrow their oppressors.


Squash Some Bugs:
Buggy and glitchy AI pathing, and broken animations. Cutscenes that won't start or won't finish, causing you to be stuck until you restart the game and/or reload an earlier save.

There are MANY bugs still present in We Happy Few, and that saddens me deeply. If you guys have the time, please try to fix these bugs as best you can.

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