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Pre-Alpha Feedback

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The Crier seems more alert than I had previously thought and all other Wellies including Bobbies seem to basically ignore me, unless I do something overtly suspicious. I can walk down the street past all Wellies other than the Crier, and I rarely have to even speak to them to defuse the situation. In contrast the Crier can announce that I am a downer whilst I am inside a building, and the Crier is outside.


Additionally when a Wellie catches me in their home, unless I am looting , they will just get suspicious until I leave, but the suspicion meter stops halfway, until I defuse the situation by speaking to them, and then immediately rises again. I can just defuse the situation a few times and leave. Wouldn't they sound the alarm if someone was in their home uninvited?


On one occasion I consumed joy from a phone box, and it had no effect. I had to take it again before it would work. I have experienced a number of crashes, but the crash reporter now works for me, after I had updated my Nvidia driver to the latest version. I have sent the reports using the reporter.


When moving from the Wastrel area to the Wellie area, the greetings change before the door that the Bobbies are guarding, from Wastrel greetings e.g. "it's a tale told by a madman full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." to Wellie greetings e.g. "Lovely day for it". Shouldn't this happen after you have moved into the Wellie area?


Thanks I'll keep playing and posting feedback on this forum.

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