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School Project on Game developers, I would like gamer's*like myself*to give their opinion on my work

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A Game Designer is one of the most misunderstood in gaming industries.

The Game Designer's job is to create the core idea for the game and

to make sure the features of the game stick to this idea. Typically

Game designers work along others like, programmers, artists, producers,

level designers, testers, etc... The responsibility of the game designer

is to the basic rules for the game and to make sure the rules make

sense and are fair while still being enjoyable to gamers. Just like creating

the rules the designer must make the characters, world and narrative elements

to the story.


There is no standard of education or credentials one must have to be

a designer of a game but many schools that offer degrees specifically

in game designment. Although most studios will require a Bachelor's degree

or higher, Designers are usually hired after they have some game industry



Recent salary surveys report professional game designers earning an average

of $69,000 per year. There are no legal requirements to be a game designer.


I picked this type of job because of my love of gaming, and my amazement of the overall amount of work put into games like “We Happy Few” and other amazing titles made by companies like compulsion games


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I have just finished 3D animation and programming as well as some art classes and game dev stuff to get into game design and level editing, Anyway what I am getting at is that what you wrote is done very well, its simple, to the point, and gets the point across that it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get into the field. What you said is also very accurate and I (if this isn't everything) would love to read the finished piece.


Thanks for posting this :3



selfish plug

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