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Weekly Update 04/09/2015- New pre-alpha Update!

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Hello everyone,


This week we released Update 8 for our pre-alpha players! This update focused on bringing more life to Wellington Wells, such as ocean sounds, more dialogue, some patty-cake action and much more! You can read the build notes here.


If you haven’t played in a while, we’d love some feedback on our forums. And, starting this week, we’re going to be asking pre-alpha players more specific questions, to help us analyse areas that we don’t have enough information on.


Pre-alpha feedback questions


As you know, we’re running this pre-alpha to get feedback. This week we have some specific questions for those of you who are playing the pre-alpha:


1. In the top left hand corner of the HUD is a lady, who sometimes changes what she looks like. What do you currently understand the purpose of this indicator to be, and how often do you use it?

2. In pre-alpha update 8 we implemented a new way of carrying around water. How do you feel about the new water system?



Now, on to the update!


Programming Team




I pushed out the stash functionality this week, something that’s been desperately needed for a while. Although a grid-based inventory is a somewhat old school and arguably outmoded concept, I firmly believe it can be made to work given a good system and interface supporting it. One of the big systems lacking for this was a decent way of storing extra items.


Thus the stash, which allows you to stow away items you don’t necessarily need to carry with you. In order to improve quality of life, this stash is shared across all shelters so you don’t need to take its contents with you whenever you move. Strategically speaking, this enables you to tuck away crafting items from the wastes once you are ready to move into the city, where different types of items await.


Speaking of crafting, another feature of the stash is that its contents are factored in when crafting, so you don’t actually need to take out all the necessary ingredients whenever you want to create something. From just a few quick playthroughs, I feel this has already been a huge quality of life improvement.


In order to make the stash work, I also reworked the inventory a bit. Instead of having containers show on the left-hand side, they now show on the right-hand side, replacing the equipment grid when you loot a container. Incidentally, this also enables quickly moving items to/from the stash through the usual “equip” right-click shortcut.


All of this functionality is available in this week’s update 8, but the appearance and name of the stash remains a temporary thing. Alex and Whitney have already come up with great concepts for it, so stay tuned for an improved stash in the future!


Gameplay Team




Alright, this week was a big push on story elements and integrating them into our secret narrative build. Can't tell you much about it, but it's pretty cool!


Besides that, I made a bunch of small fixes and tweaks on Wednesday, just in time for the new update:


- Food won't give health bonuses anymore

- Jimmy bars are now reusable, also fixed a few typos in its description

- Pain Pills give less health

- Removed Salt Box

- Bobbies will never carry more than 1 security card

- Updated the Banger inventory icon and in-game model

- Fixed some doors in the Village houses that would lock from the wrong side

- Fixed some safes in the Village houses that wouldn't open with the Advanced

- Electrolock-Shocker

- Reduced the number of healing plants in the Garden District


And also, thanks to Camille’s work on the stash system, I added safes in the shelters that will temporarily serve as your player’s stash to store your items.


Narrative Team




I’ve started editing the audio for our second playable character in Pro Tools; I’ve finished the first scene and started the second.


For gameplay reasons, I need to move a slew of scenes in one of our playable character’s playthrough from the end to the middle, which means I need new connective tissue. So I’ve been working on that, and by working, I mean chatting with people on the team.


I’ve written barks (short lines the player says) for when the player sneak attacks NPCs. I’ve also just written a slew of new barks for when the playable character is trying to pass himself off as a crazy person, and some new pensive barks which won’t be released until the narrative is in.


We’re implementing a couple of mechanics where the player can keep stashes across shelters and across playthroughs. I came up with a way to justify these in the world’s lore.


Finally, I spent a surprisingly long time tracking down, selecting and editing NPC barks that hadn’t been integrated yet.


Art Team




The last couple weeks I've been designing props for a new biome, working on some signage, going to lots of meetings, designing some new architecture (which isn't ready to show), doing a bunch of research and organizing assets. Oh, and I concepted some iconic English trees :)





This week I worked on the following props:




That is all for this week folks, have a great weekend everyone!


Compulsion Team

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I know you said "Props" when referring to the pictures including the rifle, but I wanna ask anyway. Do you plan on adding usable guns? I'm not sure how that would impact the game play. I guess if the map was bigger then I could see it plausible with limited ammo (and maybe a lootable suppressor) , but If not please add some more melee weapons. I'm sure you've heard a million times that WHF reminds people of Bioshock so PLEASE!!!! add a decent stat monkey wrench for me to wack some Splicers Wellies with. It is by far my favorite melee weapon in a game. ;)


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Hey @MikeOxbig


We toyed with the idea but nothing concrete yet, for now this gun will be a prop just for show. There will definitely be more melee weapon though ;)

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