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Recruitment: Looking for an Intermediate or Senior Level Designer

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Hi folks


We are looking for an Intermediate or Senior Level Designer to join our team. As a level designer, you will create interesting and engaging player experiences by blending the narrative, creative and technical elements of our games. This is a key creative and technical role within our studio.


As a level designer you will:

* Design the steps and details of encounters and scenarios within We Happy Few and future games

* Collaborate with artists, programmers and the Narrative Director to integrate their work

* Prototype different gameplay mechanics to get a feel for how scenarios unfold

* Work with the Design Director to ensure the playability and consistency of the game

* Plan, request and follow up on components (gameplay, AI, sound, etc.), and integrate them

* Document and present your work, including prototyping and playtest results with our team and our community




* At least 2-3 Years in video-game level design production, or similarly relevant experience

* A familiarity with Unreal Engine 3 or Unreal Engine 4 systems, and technical comfort with its scripting tools (Kismet and/or Blueprints)

* A solid grasp of general level design principles (pacing, risk/reward, spatial design, player direction)

* Being open to creative feedback and interested in what our community and team has to say about your work

* Experience with programming, advanced scripting or modelling is an asset


This is a full time position working from our Montreal office. Please send a CV and examples of your work to jobs at compulsiongames.com.

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