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Pre-Alpha Build 8: Bringing life to Wellington Wells

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Hi everyone!


Pre-alpha build 8 is a smaller update that focuses on improving the behaviour and available activities of the Wellies, Wastrels and special NPCs inside Wellington Wells. It also comes with some quality of life updates, that should help out a great deal with inventory management.


EDIT: A hotfix has been published for build 8 with the changes outlined below as Hotfix CL11915. You will know you have the hotfixed version if the build ID in the lower left corner reads CL11915.


The more detailed changelist is:



• The world has been reverted to its 5 island scheme.

• The Joy Detector has been updated with new sounds to help indicate its current state.

• Added new animations and behaviours for Wellies, including:

   • Wellies now actually watch mounted TVs during Uncle Jack broadcasts.

   • Wellies now ride the toy car and Vespa in the park. (And you can too!)

   • Wellies play patty cake. Finally!

• Encounters should now spawn in the right biomes.

   • (No more Wastrel dinner parties going unheeded in the Village!)




• AIs have remembered how to open doors.

• Added personal safes ("stash") to shelters:

   • The stash is a new special container whose contents are shared across all shelters.

   • Crafting materials in the stash will be taken into account and spent while crafting items.

• Water storage: Canteens and bottles have been reworked to be more logical, as have recipes previously involving these items

• Two new random encounters:

   1. Bobby Investigation: Bobbies inspecting a sordid crime scene.

   2. Welly Barbecue: Wellies frolicking in the sun!

• The Multi-Tool and Advanced Electro-Lock Shocker have been upgraded to be reusable on any door/safe/locker.

• Sleeping now affects stats, depleting hunger and thirst as well as restoring a small amount of health.

• Joy pill dosages have been changed

• Fall damage is now based on distance travelled instead of velocity.

• Changed AI perception range and hostility persistence.

• AI dodge chance now depends on distance from the attacker as well as the type of weapon wielded.

• Raw meat and salt have been removed from the game.




• Added lots of new lines and responses for the playable character.

• Added additional Wellie and Wastrel greetings.

• Added various new gameplay sounds and several ambient sounds.

• Added ocean ambient sounds audible based on the distance of the player to the edge of the map.

Hotfix CL11915: Reduced frequency of ambient player character speech.




• In-combat inventory restrictions implemented:

   • Prevent using unequipped items while in combat.

   • Prevent changing equipment while in combat.

   • Prevent crafting items while in combat.

• Added setting to change controller or mouse sensitivity.

• Save games from older versions are now detected and present a warning when loaded that they might not work properly.

• Changed the container loot grid to be displayed on the right hand side, taking over the equipment slots.

• Crafting will no longer attempt to use currently equipped items.

• Added keybinds for sprint toggle and walk toggle.

• Added keybinds for quick loot actions "Loot All" and "Dismiss Loot".

• Allow controller to split stacks when dragging items (hold RT/LT to split one or half before dropping item).

• Properly detect controllers beyond the first (indicated by quadrants 2-4 on Xbox 360 controllers).




• Fixed multiple crashes.

• Fixed the crash reporter for Windows 10.

• Minor revision of world generation algorithm - should see a slight improvement in performance in-game.

• The game now pauses while the world is generating. Hurray! Everyone starts at the same time.

Hotfix CL11915: Fixed crash that would occur on reopening inventory after closing with the stash grid focused.

Hotfix CL11915: Fixed crash that would occur randomly when game actors became inactive.

Hotfix CL11915: Removed an assert that prevented the game from running on single core systems (a multiple core remains strongly recommended)

Hotfix CL11915: Tentative improvement of core detection on AMD CPUs.

Hotfix CL11915: Fixed crash that would occur when the game engine exits before loading the main menu.



Please let us know below your feedback on this update!



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Hi, the update is great as the crafting makes more sense. I have two issues however. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that, but since the update its been ridiculously difficult to kill a bobby (I'm talking 3 first aid kits at least for each bobby to survive his attacks while I kill him) - as an addition, why can you takedown the bobby only when on slightly higher ground than him (I get that he's tall but the character is pretty tall too). Secondly, has some sort of sprinting penalty been added? I was running away (with breaks to recover stamina) after a bobby spotted his colleagues corpses (I had run out of healing items) and suddenly I died with no explanation, ruining a save I had spent a lot of time and effort on and in which I was about to head to the city to win. This was understandably disappointing. I don't mind if there is a sprinting penalty, as it would be realistic, but I would like to know, so I can take it into account. Thanks.

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Something I noticed that was pretty frustrating on my last playthrough. I was wandering through wellington wells looking for the shelter in the second island. I came across a bobby fighting another wellie. I stopped for a sec to watch and when I started to walk past I pulled out my frying pan for some reason and this caused another bobby to attack me. I'm not sure what put me in combat mode but I died pretty quick right after.

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Just a little bump to mention that a hotfix (build CL11915) has been pushed to fix a few crashes that cropped up following the update. The details have been edited into the OP.

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You asked two questions about feedback, so I figured I'd answer here.


1. She is an indicator of how others are perceiving you. If she's turned away smiling, nobody is paying attention to you; if she's staring at you then you're under suspicion, and if she's yelling then someone is probably about to attack you. I keep her in my periphery constantly.


2. I like the new container system. Makes more sense to use a canteen for water and a glass bottle for the banger.

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This is the first version I got around to installing and playing - it has been lots of fun.

Three observations

1. Low detail is unplayable in the bunker you start off in. Because the lighting doesn't seem to be there at all, you cannot see objects at all until you turn the detail up. Low detail just about works on my Windows laptop - so when I've played it there, I've had to switch between higher detail to start off with, then lower once exited via the ladder.


2. Please do a Mac build sooner rather than later so I can use my MacBook. It's probably going to be easier for you in the long run if you get a multi-platform build going when you don't have so many assets and so much code floating around to fix... honest ;) If it doesn't work as well, it's pre-alpha - it's not as if it has any warranty on it anyway! :D


3. One time I equipped a briefcase thing while still part of the locker menu in the bunker (via double click) and it just seemed to disappear completely. Not in the locker, in the room or in my hands.





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1. Yeah, the Low quality setting for Shadows was badly tuned -- it disables most dynamic lights and the shelters were not designed around it. This should be fixed in the next update, which I'm about to push out.


2. Thankfully, UE4 makes it pretty easy to target different platforms without having to remake a bunch of assets. But we're not ready to commit some time tuning a Mac version.


3. By briefcase thing, do you mean one of the inventory expanders? Double click doesn't equip/move, it uses, so is it possible that you just consumed the expander?

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