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Feedback after 3hours (but reached the 3rd island)

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As I've reached the 3rd place where apparently, there's nothing left to do (I might miss something), here some of my thoughts about the game so far :


I really like the feeling of the game and the events on the 1st island despite a few bugs. I like the way you can go through this island without any fight.


But clearly, I found it unfair : no proper way to feed, no proper way to heal. I stacked a lot of stuff which I don't know their purpose : Empty pill bottle ? I had never have to use it... Also, I managed to get too much empty syringue.

Moreover, I wonder if the game would deliver always enough way to get joy to pass the joy detector if there is one. I've made many runs and some were joy-less... Just crumbling under jimmy bars which I've never used (even I know I could).


About the 2nd island : early instrusions on this island were severly punished and I didn't get why. When I've explored fully the 1st island, it's kinda frustating to get beat in the 1st street on the 2nd island.


But for me, the 2nd island is not enough interesting as the gameplay is very unbalanced there.

Policemen chase you and run faster than you, so I've never survived whenever I got spotted by them.

Yet, once you get into a house, the island will never give any trouble.

Even if the citizen AI is failing at the moment in the houses ; as there is only one way to ring the alarm, it is really easy to block access to it by standing on the stairs. Also, the houses provide free and infinite source of joy with the water ; so this gets very basic : Enter house, clean it, drink to 50%joy, find an other house.

The only hard time I could get on this island is the very first step : avoiding policemen til I found a house.

I kinda rushed the 2nd island cause I didn't see much utility for what I found there, except the food. Therefore, I didn't find any basement, if there is none, I think it is a bad idea. Because it would make player going back and forth between the 2 islands just to craft something...


Also a lot of items seem useless ; I just used basically : torn clothes/ simple suit/ weapons/healing leaves/bottles/pills/food and metal bits. Nothing else.

There could be a way to increase inventory space less randomly, just like putting the extensions in events or one near the 1st bridge. It could help as many items from the 2nd island take much space and ppl would probably keep everything from the 1st island in their early playthroughs.


Here are some bugs I met (don't know if I should post'em here, neither devs know'em already or not) :


- Bug during "TV" event in the ruined quarter : If you try to turn on/off the TV after you took the power cell, Citizens around it will turn aggressive.

- Half of water pumps on the 1st island were floating high abouve ground (I got screenshot if needed), being unreachable and there's nothing uderneath.

- I managed to search many containers in a house on the 1st island with the torn clothes. I didn't get attacked even if a citizen was looking at me, but when I reached an other one on the 3rd floor, everyone has turned aggressive. Don't know if it is intended or not.

- AI in houses on the 2nd island have all the same buggy behaviour : 1 citizen standing behind the entrance door, looking at it, seems stillstanding no matter what I do ; 1 on the 2nd floor, waiting behind a door, turning aggressively when you open the door.

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On your bit about useless items: it sounds like you never looked into the crafting tree? There's lots of things in there that make the make the game much easier, especially first aid kits.


There is usually a second base you can find on the second island, but of course it's random where it spawns. Look for a little park with the rotating statue. Climb down the hatch, and you've got a new spot to store all your goodies. Also, the second island contains one very important scenario (the pawn shop) that is plot critical. Skipping it prevents you from beating the game.


As for why the bobbies were aggroing on you-- there's a couple different reasons. Were you wearing a torn suit? (Wellies don't get along with Wastrels) Were you running? Were you jumping? Were you sneaking? Keep an eye on your suspicion icon to try and figure out what you're doing wrong. There's a method to it, I promise you. They're also very easy to outrun if you stick to the backways and off the sidewalks.


Which brings us to the third island. In the beginning you read the tooltip about needing to find maintenance hatch and escaping, yes? Well, that's where it is. Locked, and guarded by four bobbies. The key is in the pawn shop. I won't say anymore in case you'd like to prevent "spoilers".

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