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Weekly Update - 21/08/2015 - Village Behaviour

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Hi everyone,


Welcome to a new edition of our weekly update! It’s another quiet week at the studio, as about half of us are on vacation, so it’s a smaller update today than usual.


This week we have been focusing on NPC activities - basically, what the Wellies do all day. It’s livened up the place something grand.


Narrative Team




I went through our recording session and pulled the best takes to use for [redacted]’s in-game barks and responses to scenarios. I’ve also been editing audio for various cut scenes in the [redacted] playthrough. Also, over the weekend, I rewrote [redacted]’s playthrough so that it’s no longer an issue of [redacted].


Sam note: This message is brought to you by the CIA and their corps of redaction engineers, and by the number 13.


Programming Team




I worked mostly on AI passive behaviours (the things they do when they don't suspect or try to kill you). We added a few activities (we call them "points of interest") using existing animations that were not yet integrated into the game. I also fixed tons of stuff that really should have been working at this stage, including usages of some activities and general movement. Now the NPCs, mostly in the village, have a lot more variations as to what they're doing.

It's just the beginning.




Art Team




I continued working on the filler building I modelled last week, texturing it.




Have a great weekend everyone!


Team Compulsion

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