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I have watched a few gameplay videos of your game we happy few I have noticed occasionally AI glitch through benches, also I watched a guy kill a bunch of people and put the bodies in a bathtub and when he moved one of the bodies the whole pile glitched and the bodies were thrown everywhere and were glitching through walls. Now I don't know if its in the game for I havnt seen it but it would be cool if you could disguise yourself as a cop so you can get into peoples houses without them killing you or if you don't like that idea you could make it to where the payer can find or craft wire cutters and each enterable building have a fuse box and you can cut the power so the laser beam alarms are off and the lights go off with it and incorporate a stealth system to where if you attack someone in the dark it kills them instantly and its harder to see the player in the dark and the player makes less noise when they are crouched. Back to glitches, I saw a guy get shot up through the roof when he was attacked inside a house. I have watched a guy play and he keeps going crazy bout food so it would be cool if some houses had a garden in the back so you can raid that for food. also this guy tried to go through a doorway sideways and the screen shook and was glitchy. It would be nice for the enemies to have health bars so you can decide to run away and heal or stay and finish the job. it would also be cool some of the AI were like the main character and you could form a sort of group to help fight. im not sure what state of development the game is at and you might not be able to make every building different but it would be nice to have someone difference so you don't search the same house fifty times over. its not that big of a deal but sometimes when people go into the joy dispensers the joy pill doesn't show up.

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