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Theory: The German Joy

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Sometime in the mid-late 1930's, Hitler's Final Solution began in the WHF timeline, causing the death of millions of jews, and the Nazis to lose grip over their government, leading to the rise of another German Empire. However, what ever happened to the German people? Did they simply go home and say "Oh well, guess we put someone in power who killed millions of innocents, and we feel no guilt at all". No, and because of this, I believe the German originally invented some form of Joy which the English used later and modified. Anyway, it would make sense that the Germans use the joy, because the people are looking for an escape for allowing the events of the Final Solution to occur at their own hands, by someone they brought to power. Plus, the Germans have always experimented with chemicals and drugs for war use, so they are perfectly capable of crafting such a thing. Also, the German were still fighting a war, so they could not lose moral at the front, or in the factories. In fact, joy would make soldiers and workers alike more productive and efficient, giving them more of a reason to create and distribute such a drug. This is also extremely useful for them, when they took the children away from Britain. Whatever the Germans used the children for, whether labor or soldiers, giving them joy would make them forget their home and their past, integrating them into Germany much easier. I do not believe joy is exclusive to Britain. Even if the British were the first to make the drug, after its invention, the Germans would still hold every reason to use it. Something to consider.

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You know that this is a game and no joy for exists, huh? :D

Hitler used amphetamines and methamphetamines to make his soldiers fight “better” and longer.

I think the downside of joy is just too bad to use it properly 😅


I’m German btw, but I neither used Amphetamin nor Joy. A little bag of w33d is all what you need to be happy today. :D:D:D

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