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Multi-Tool troubles

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Hey everyone,


I found a few bugs involving the Multi-Tool. Pretty serious stuff, since it's required to beat the game!

It's very small, and easy to miss. But bug-wise, it has clipping issues with the environment.

In one playthrough, the multi-tool was found partially-clipped into the workbench in the locked up store. I could see it, but couldn't pick it up.

Also, I had to make space in my inventory and dropped it, along with some other things, on the ground. I was on the second floor of a Welly house, and when I went to pick my items back up, the multi-tool was gone.

I thought it might have clipped through the floor, and it did; it was found on the first floor, so it must have phased through the 2nd floor....floor.

(FYI, I dropped a 1st Aid Kit on top of it, along with some other stuff, not sure if that had anything to do with it.)


Also, upon saving and reloading, I saw the following sights:

-A bobby floating in the sky in the model-rig base position in the Garden District

-Bobby corpses that had previously been left from a prior playthrough with limbs that stretched out into infinity. They looked like spaghetti noodles.


Hope this helps!

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