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My few pieces of feedback

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I'm enjoying how WHF plays a lot more now, after the last update that helped how smooth it is.


But the only few things I hope that can be updated are mainly issues with bindings.

As I play left-handed with the arrow keys, it'd be nice if everything is bindable. I know it can be done through the .ini file, but it's just better in game.


For me, these are the TAB, E for looting is hard-coded and even the Escape key so I can back out with something nearer my hand.

It'd be nice if we could have the option to tap sprint instead of always having to hold it. And I noticed one odd thing where I could shift to the right while I sprint, but I couldn't shift left.


Also, maybe an option to change how long we have to hold a button down when interacting. I'd have it a lot quicker than what's in the game so far.




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Regarding the keybinds, I pushed a change yesterday to address that. But in the meantime, you can actually edit those bindings. I've outlined the information in another post.


Same goes for sprint, there is a keybind that toggles it instead of holding. But I forgot to put it in the UI, thanks for the reminder. Following the manual config edition directives, you can add the following mapping:


(or whatever binding you'd like)


I can't reproduce the sprint left thing... Is it possible that you're experiencing keyboard ghosting? Basically, some keyboards have hardware limitations on pressing certain key combinations due to the way their circuits are wired.


Lastly, for interaction times, that's not really something that should be configurable because it has a direct impact on gameplay. For instance, if lockpicking were to be made instant, you wouldn't have to be careful doing it in the open. Same goes for corpse looting, there has to be a minimum risk element for sticking around near a corpse to loot it. We're definitely open to balancing the durations, however, so feel free to mention which ones you think are too long!

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