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Update 1.9 dropping on Monday November 11 - Patch notes

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Hi all,

On Monday, November 11th at 11am ET, update 1.9 of We Happy Few will drop on all platforms along with a little something else!

We Happy Few 1.9 Release Notes

Patch Summary

This patch addresses general gameplay issues, and a few bugs that were happening in some encounters.

General Bugs/Stability

•  When crafting with weapons as reagents, they no longer appear as fractions. Partial items can now be used to craft.

•  Fixed the bug that caused systemic NPC conversations and POI interactions to not trigger properly, not play audio or loop repeatedly.

•  NPCs no longer instantly stand-up and clip through their beds when startled by noise.

•  Female Wellies/Wastrels and Criers no longer lack lip sync when talking to them.

•  Dead NPCs don’t spawn alive anymore after loading into area.

•  Encounter-specific Bobbies no longer create a temporary loss of functionality when bribed.

•  Epilogue Cutscene: Performance issues no longer cause the final cutscene to hang and the audio to not be synchronized with the visuals.

•  Fixed the bug that caused fast travelling to the Shelter in the "Secondary St. George's Holm Hatch" to prevent the creation of a "Last Shelter Visited" save file.

•  Fire and smoke no longer clip through the wall on the second floor of the House of Doctors.

•  Hopscotch POI can no longer spawn under multiple assets on the sidewalks, fixing the bug where Wellies can clip through them as they hop across them.

•  Intro loading captions at the start of each character’s story no longer appear only in English.

•  DLC Specific: Custom difficulty no longer includes survival needs difficulty which is not present in the DLCs.

•  Missing SFX when navigating and selecting slots in the Load Game Menu are now in the game.

•  Placeholder textures for the Frying Pan, the Rolling Pin, Mother's Little Helper and The Double Plus Wood are no longer showing when they break.

•  Collision issues (sticky/stuck spots) are no longer present around the small fences along the 2 sides of the Thomasina House.

•  The Histoplasma hallucination music now plays without the Lightbearer DLC installed.

•  TNT no longer goes through floor when dropped.

•  HUD will no longer take between 5-30 seconds to update after a change in Status Effects or Health when a PC/console is starved of resources.

•  Uncle Jack (Wakey Wakey) collectible videos are no longer unlocked even when the radios are turned off.

•  Fixed the bug where video in pre-rendered cinematics could be delayed but not their audio, making them out of sync.

•  White Tree Park: NPCs no longer sit on top of each other on the benches.

•  Infinite loading when entering Act 2 after completing Arthur's playthrough is no longer happening..

Arcade Mode

•  All modes: NPCs no longer clutter in areas such as Cozy Tea Park.

•  All modes: Player does not see footprints of most NPCs while sneaking

•  All modes: Some NPC Wellies don't sit properly on the benches (clipping, floating and misaligned).

•  All modes: Honey can now be harvested from all Honey Bee Nests.

•  All modes: Encampment terrain now fits the terrain around it.

•  All modes: Last Shelter Visited is now saved in Village Hatches.

•  All modes: All Fast Travel Hatches now have their proper name.

•  Freeform: The street park is no longer floating a little above the ground.

•  Freeform: The 'Reset Skills' cheat is now functional.

•  Freeform: Old Fountain Park level no longer floats above the island

•  Freeform: Terrain is no longer floating in the Garden District.

•  Survival: Fixed stuck spots.

•  Survival: Performing a Save/Load inside the hidden room of Abbott Estate no longer causes the player to load back into a swarm of bees.

•  Survival: When 2 NPCs try to interact with the same object, one NPC no longer circles around the one that interacting with the object.

•  Survival: A Custom Waypoint is no longer present during the loading screen when starting a game in Survival Mode.

•  Survival: Water beside the bomb no longer cuts off abruptly.

•  Wellie: Items that cure certain status no longer have the bad ailments written twice under the item's description.

•  Wellie: No longer possible to have a negative number for the "Money Earned" at the end screen.

•  Wellie: A 'You Are Bleeding' message no longer appears on the intro screen.

•  Wellie: The string "Weapon Of Choice" at the Death screen no longer appears only in English.

•  Wellie: Infection no longer persists into the next round (now behaves like other status ailments).

•  Wellie: Money Earned stat is now accurate on the end game screen.

•  Wellie: The "Recent" sorting option now also apply to Wellie mode.

Encounter Fixes 

•  Arthur: No longer possible to get trapped inside the Mystery House grounds as the gate will only open when the histoplasma mushroom status effect is active.

•  Arthur: Office Workers in “Start Spreading the News” are no longer upstairs attempting to sit on the same couch.

•  Arthur: After Nick's bathroom electrocution cutscene, there is no longer a random assortment of items floating where player was standing.

•  Arthur: In the Faraday Cage, James no longer falls through the floor when startled.

•  Arthur: In the Still of the Night, Andy Alim will no longer teleport to or fall through the outhouse floor when getting up to attack Arthur.

•  Arthur: In A Malpractice of Doctors, performing a save/load inside any building separated by a loading (DSIR, Haworth Labs), and then progressing continuously to the Coconut Joy cutscene, without doing any other save/load no longer causes a blocker.

•  Ollie: Performing a Save/Load during the Jericho mission, at the Check out the Alarm objective, no longer causes Ollie and Margaret VO to stutter and repeat itself.

•  Ollie: The Uncle Jack video that plays in the lobby of the tower's subtitles no longer gets cut off in Japanese.

•  Sally: Small animation corruption after lowering the boat on the water is fixed.

•  Sally: Stuck spot between debris on the second floor to the left of the bed.

PC Only

•  Game no longer becomes unresponsive when minimizing and re-opening the game multiple times during loading while on Fullscreen and without the pause in background option.

•  Game no longer becomes unresponsive when minimizing during the booting screen while on Fullscreen.

Xbox Only

•  Suspending the title for an hour or longer will no longer kick the user back to the main menu with no in-game functionality on the gamepad.

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