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WHP questions

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So after watching the We happy Few trailer, let me say I am very excited about the game! It seems like something that can be truly great if enough time and care is put into it! So naturally, I have several questions. However, most likely they won't be answered at this time being, but there is one question I have that might be answered.


Will it be available for Mac? Ever since my PC broke down, this is my last remaining computer. So are you developing it/planning to port it to Mac?


Additional questions are, 1. What is the estimated price, 2. When is the estimated time the game will take before it's ready to be released, 3. Is the game going to be more of a adventure/action thing? More of a puzzler? Thriller?


Thanks in advance, and once again, I am very excited to see where this project leads!

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Hey @LordOverLies!


Sorry for the delay, you posted the day we left for PAX and since then I've been trying to play catch up with everything.


We would love to bring it to MAC, so ideally yes, but we have yet to confirm this down the line.

As for an estimated price, we don't have one yet. Same with release date, we don't want to promise something we cannot guarantee. The game will be a first person urban survival :)


We just posted a recap of what we revealed at PAX here.


Also Ashe has a really entertaining breakdown of


I hope this helps!


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