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Update 6.3: Gamescom

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Hi everyone!


As you may have learned by now, we announced at Gamescom 2015 earlier this week that we will be releasing We Happy Few on Xbox One! We wanted to share with you the demo that we have been showing to visitors at Gamescom.


We have listened to your feedback about the game being too easy. In this update we have focused on player progression and optimization, and the changes we have made are going to make a lot of you rethink your strategies. If you feel adventurous and up to the challenge, do not read the build notes...! ;)


One big change you will notice is that the world might seem much smaller than you are used to. Don't worry! We put together a smaller map for people to play at the conference - reduced to 3 islands from the usual 5. We did this to make sure we had an experience that people could reasonably explore within the limits of the show.


As always, we welcome your feedback on the new map size or any other change.



• New (temporary) three island world generation. Biome progression is now simply:

1. Garden District

2. Village District

3. Inner City District

• Player progression overhauled (2 unique craftable items need to escape the city).

• The Butcher Shop updated (2 brothers now run the butcher shop and many loot drop changes).

• Joy Dispensers give less joy to prevent overdose if the player has a small amount of joy in their system.

• Rotten food no longer hurts the player when eaten. Instead, it inflicts food poisoning, causing damage and thirst over time.

• Food poisoning lasts for 2 minutes and can be countered by consuming a purple pill.

• There is less food in the village biome.

• Wellies can no longer spawn with rolling pins.

• Torn suits drop less frequently.

• The frying pan has had it's range adjusted to match more closely to similarly tiered weapons.

• New retro-futuristic bridge challenge that leads to the inner city.



• Sewing kits are more plentiful, Criers carry them as loot in the village.

• All outfits have been moved to the basic tree to allow crafting them without a crafting table.

• Torn suits are now craftable.

• Crafting specialty outfits now requires a unique kind of linen found in the village biome.



• Improved inventory navigation when using the controller.

• Added controller button prompts for certain shortcuts in the inventory.

• All configuration types in the options menu can now be navigated using the controller.

• Added controller button prompts for the global (bottom row) actions in the main menu.

• Map can now be navigated with a controller.

• Map zooming is smoothed and scrolling uses inertial dragging.

• Map icons updated to better match the rest of the UI.

• Map changed to a more conventional rectangular widget.

• Suits now have flavour images in the crafting menu.

• Fixed issues with certain graphics options going out of sync.

• Adjusted inventory placement in 4:3 resolutions to prevent the ground & container grid from clipping.

• Fixed incorrect anchoring of menu news in 4:3 resolutions.


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Starting a new game and slowly realizing it's a new build was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the Wastrels (and later Wellies) unexpectedly dodging my attacks. It made them seem more real without being irritating. It seems Wellies are quicker to run away as well, but perhaps I'm imagining that.


The new crafting recipes for the suits make a lot more sense. It was already possible to craft them without a table though.

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I notice there's fall damage now. "Leave all the windows open so you can jump out of any of them at a moment's notice" is still a valid strategy, but you have to watch your health if such an emergency arrives.

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I think I've encountered a serious bug with the butcher shop. I've done it twice and had it occur both times, but I start by going upstairs and taking out the butcher on the top floor first. Then when I go into the main room, the butcher that is usually there is ragdolled, lootable and able to be picked up, but is still sentient. There's even a ghost-butcher that results from this that is unkillable, but can't do any damage aside from hitting the alarm switch. He'll still chase you and shout at you as well, and his physical mesh can still block you from moving.


Also, food poisoning damage probably needs to be tweaked. One rotten mushroom took my health to nothing in a hurry, had to scrounge for healthy plants to keep myself alive until it wore off.


Other than that, I think the three-island worlds are pretty nice. The islands themselves seem larger, but I do miss having multiple routes to and from the city. Lots of neat things in this patch, and looking forward to what's next! (Oh, and is the Bobby spawn raised during nighttime? It seems like the entire WWPD is on patrol in the wee hours of the night, now.) Cheers!

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Oh, and one more thing I've noticed that probably needs addressing.


The AI behaviour in the Village is a bit...odd, now. They don't like to leave their homes anymore, and seem to have forgotten how to use doors. Numerous times I've found a Wellie staring at their front door from the inside without moving, and then another Wellie will be behind a door on the upper floors and won't react until you open the door they are behind. Wellies in the streets don't enter houses or attempt to open a door they've seen me close, aside from the butcher ghosts. I even lured two bobbies into a house and shut them in and they gave up looking for me instantly. And when I came back and opened the doors a few minutes later, they were still there pacing back and forth in the entry hall.


Corpses act a bit strange now, as well. When loading back into a saved game, sometimes corpses will appear standing up in the spot I left them. Bobby corpses also explode upon loading a saved game, and freeze as these giant, broken meshes.


The joys of pre-alpha, eh? I'm loving the game so far. I hope that all this is helpful in ironing out the kinks. Cheers!

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Hey all,


We had an issue where some of you (especially users with laptops) encountered a crash when trying to launch the game. We just released a fix for this bug, so if this was the case you can update the game and try again :)

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You might've noticed a small update this morning. It's nothing too exciting, it was brought to our attention that the crash reporter did not work on Windows 10, so the update only fixes that.


On the bright side, it should allow us to get more information about what crashes Windows 10 may have brought to the table.

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