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Ollie Campaign Dlc two issues Xbox one

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Hello! I have to important bugs to report. One concerns the bees when I have to enter in the big house to search for supplies. They have got too aggressive and they followed me all the way and even outside at 1 kilometer. So from the house and outside. They were moving throughout the doors. 


The other bug is more important it concerns reaction`s system people when a triangle suppose to appear on the head of the people. People just talked but detected nothing. No signs appeared! Just a talk. I could do whatever I wanted without being spotted and attacked.  It has begun when I was in the quest story just after the military base. I had to kill bobbies and irritating people spotted me and after a time that problem happened and it still continue at the parade city. Some people just stay in place and hit for nothing with a shovel. They just say tings towards me but do nothing. So the game is screwed up too easy.

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