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New Website!

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Hello everyone, and happy new year!


As you can see, things have changed a bit around here. While we loved the old website, after 5 years of not being able to update it (it didn't mention Contrast once in that entire time!), we've decided that it's about time to get our act together.


So, welcome to our new website!


Crafted to reflect our deviant nature, we redesigned it so that we could update it more regularly than we did and share the latest news on what we are working on. We also wanted to introduce our forums where we will discuss our past and future projects with the community. One thing we regret about our Contrast launch was that we didn’t involve people earlier in our development process, so we want to make sure we fix that this time around.


We welcome you to explore the site and learn more about us and our future plans. You might find some intel about the team such as what inspires us, who has nine cats (hint, it’s Sam) or who really DOES have an imaginary friend! Feel free to come chat with us about our games, gaming in general, cats or the imminent zombie apocalypse.


We want to thank Locomotive for the beautiful website they designed for us.


Let us know what you think!


Truly yours,


The Compulsion Games team

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Hey guys, it's nice to be here :)

I liked the old site, but it's safe to say that the new one is much more complete, and well designed too.

Since i recognized the very good work behind Contrast, i've become a huge fan of you guys, man i love that game! and here i am, to bother you on your forum hahaha

So, can't wait to see what Compulsion will bring us next :D

Ciao from Italy!


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