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I Purchased the Season Pass, But Cannot Play The DLCs?

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I purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game last November, and have loved it ever since! I was very excited to play Roger & James in They Came From Below, but wasn't able to sit down and play it until now. Thing is, I don't have an option to play the DLC. It's as if it was never released. I've checked for updates, restarted my PS4, visited the PlayStation Store to see if I could download it from there--nothing has worked. I have the option to BUY the season pass/currently released DLC on the PlayStation store, but I'd really rather not buy it twice. The box for the Deluxe Edition says "We Happy few season pass included" on it, and it was advertised the same on Amazon. But when I open up the game and select DLC, it won't let me select the released DLC. Again, as if it hasn't been released yet.

Help? I really have waited awhile to play this. Not to mention, the Deluxe Edition cost extra because it supposedly came with the season pass.

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