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Hot on her heels achievement not unlocking

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I can´t unlock hot on her heels achievement. I know I picked up all the notes related to Prudence. I have a save file with every character right before the "point of no return". I went back to those save files and made sure I had all the notes, and I do. I even picked up the Damp Diary with all three characters. But this achievement will just not pop for me. As a completionist this is so damn frustrating, especially since I actually did accomplish it. I have picked up the last note with Ollie several times, to try force the chivo. :P I also started a new game with Arthur and picked up the three notes in that story once more. But of course still nothing. I don´t think I want to spend hours upon hours finishing the entire game for a second time for a few notes, only to find out it didn´t work once more.

Can someone please help me? Is this a common problem? In that case, what can I do? Appreciate all help, thanks! :) 

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