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When I try talking to the third impatient person, they spawn the person and exclamation point on the right side of the Megiddo Bridge, like it is on the edge of a cliff. There is no way to reach that area. I was just wondering what I should do to try and remedy this to where it will re-spawn in an accessible location. I am playing on a PS4, 2TB HDD, NTSC version of the game.MegiddoBridgeBug.thumb.jpg.c2781cc5c9aaad4973bb1721e33cd0b0.jpg

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I forgot to mention that I have the latest patch (1.7.80097) (WS: 129617F000040F12002801BEBCB5D846) for PS4. Now, the final impatient person marker along with the quest marker for Superb Meat Boy shows at the house where they would be accessible but, nobody is there. 


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