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This isn't really a topic i just wanted to say Thanks to Compulsion Games for creating such a beautiful and intricate world.

I've spent literally days analysing the Games world, the characters, the environmental narrative, everything. There's so much love poured into this game, so much intense detail, it's physically impossible to pick it all up in a single play.

I had been following the development of WHF from it's early stages and it's very literally changed my life, i was studying art at college and had no idea what i wanted to do at uni, but after i began following the weekly journals about the games progress, i started to learn about what goes into making a game, building a world, working in a team of like minded artists, and i realised it's everything that i want to do with my life. Because of WHF, i made a very last minute decision to study Game Arts at uni and everything has fallen perfectly into place now. This game has awoken a passion in my life that i was previously missing and i've never been happier.

Some days i literally just drop what i'm doing so i can pace about and think all about the narrative intricacies of the game, i run through all the details, it just makes me so happy that such a game exists, it's such an obvious labor of love and that's exactly what i want to be able to do with my life.

Thank you Compulsion Games, for inspiring me and helping guide me, this has honestly had a profound effect on me 💖

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Thank you for this kind message, we really appreciate it! ❤️

If you have any art questions, feel free to message us, our artists will gladly help.

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