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Roger & James in They Came from Below

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Words can not express how much I LOVE this DLC. I literally had tears in my eyes at the end because the ending was absolutely beautiful, at least the one I chose.  This small story of Roger and James was excellent. I love their chemistry, their dialogue and notes, everything.  I NEED more Roger and James. 😁 .Few games have a gay lead and while this was only DLC, it definitely gives me hope. I feel like you did a great job at presenting Roger and James as two people who simply love each other rather than two caricatures, which often gets relied on. I can’t thank you enough Compulsion for giving us this fantastic story and for the hard work you put in in making this wonderful game.

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I loved it very much. But to be honest I was hoping for a longer story. Can’t wait for the next DLC to be released. It’s come a long way since the early access. 

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